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Tue 13 Jul 2004

Weekend: Our library ( has museum pass program. Rosanna and I spent a lovely day at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem. I enjoyed the maritime exhibits. They also had a pretty impressive collection of export art. We then went to Gloucester for dinner.

Fri 16 Apr 2004

GTK+: It’s coming up to branch time. I’m looking forward to putting typeahead into GtkTreeView I did some prep for this on Sunday, and should be in good shape to do it next week. I think it’ll really work well. bugzilla: Spent much of the week going through both GNOME and Red Hat bugzilla, trying […]

Mon 03 Feb 2001

meta: Federico pointed out that I have been forgetting to update this, so I will start doing so again. camera: Southern California was fun. Zana and I got a digital camera for christmas — a Olympus D-490Z. After spending a long and frustrating time trying to get it to work with GPhoto, I finally RTFM. […]