Fri 30 Jul 2004

  • gtk: I finished my GtkTreeView typeahead patch earlier this week and posted it to gtk-devel-list. I also backported it to gtk+-2.4.4 and built it into rawhide. It requires installing ‘–nodeps’ for fc2, but seems work nicely.

    It makes using the filechooser a better experience and is good for lists in general. It could be a little bit better, though. I’m tempted to include a new signal for it that lets applications know when the entry was activated, so that selecting a directory would change it immediately instead of setting the cursor. Alternatively, we could expose the entry to applications, though I’m less happy with that approach. I could also special case it in the FileChooser and not worry about other applications. Either way, it’s much closer to the original vision of the FileChooser, and will hopefully make some of the grumbling about the lack of an entry go away.

Fri 16 Apr 2004

  • GTK+: It’s coming up to branch time. I’m looking forward to putting typeahead into GtkTreeView I did some prep for this on Sunday, and should be in good shape to do it next week. I think it’ll really work well.

  • bugzilla: Spent much of the week going through both GNOME and Red Hat bugzilla, trying to get my bugs under control. Had pretty good luck with my GTK+ bugs, less luck with the other ones.

  • sports streaks: 63 saves and 15 wins. Both are worth watching.

  • weekend: Great weekend! My brother came to Boston to look at schools, and we took a day off to go do touristy things with him. We went to Salem and looked at the old town there. It was a little chilly, but otherwise a gorgeous spring day. After looking at houses and boats, we went back to Groton and had a nice dinner.

    The next day, Zana and I dropped off my brother to go to an interview and went down the the esplenade for a walk. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and felt like the first real spring day that we’ve had. We then went to Bartley’s in Harvard Square and went book shopping.

Fri 12 Sep 2003

  • GNOME (2.4): It’s out. It wasn’t the prettiest release thus far, but it’s in good shape. I have big plans for 2.6. But first…

  • GTK+ (2.4): This is in danger of slipping a bit. I really need to finish my GChildWatchSource patch and get it into glib. I’m pretty excited about it. It’s a pretty tricky piece of code, and I’m happy about how it looks right now. Need to reply on the list.

    (GtkTreeView): Kris and I came up with two optimizations for the GtkTreeView that will make an enormous speed difference in some common cases. I spent a bit of time arguing with Owen about how to enable the optimization (I wanted it to be automatic — Owen wanted the programmer to explicitly turn it on) and it’s going to result in a lot of people handling their column-sizing by hand. But off the cuff testing shows that we can handle about 100K rows of model per second instead of the 7K per second we were doing before.

  • Birthday: I don’t know what it says about me, but Zana gave me a great birthday present. A cotton robe, a box of Myntz, three pairs of really comfy socks, and a hand-knit pair of wool socks. I must be officially old, getting excited about socks.

Mon 03 Mar 2003

  • GTK+: Spent a couple days this week getting the GtkTreeView to work in a RTL locale. It was the last major widget in need of support added – though it showed some RTL bugs in other widgets. As an added bonus, I also got column expanding working, which should make Seth very happy. I’m pretty excited at how well it worked, though we need to do a bit more work to be fully RTL compliant. It would be a good target for 2.4.

  • Mime: I’m now tasked with fixing the mime-system in GNOME. fun.

  • Life: Had a very pleasant day with Rosanna. We went on a walk with the dog down the Bolin Creek trail. It was a wonderful 60 degrees outside, and though it kept threatening to rain, it never quite did. It was a good change from ice storms. We also saw some bird houses painted Carolina blue. Zana correctly guessed they were Eastern Bluebird houses. Two points to her. We ended up walking to Cafe Driade along the way. They have simply the best Cappucino in the Chapel Hill area.

Sat 02 Mar 2002

  • Adam Readhead: Came to visit today. He’s singing songs about hats at the piano right now. I’m putting his name here to try to increase his google count.

  • songs (part2): It’s turned into a love song about an escaped prisoner and his pies and a bucket for his hat. Dog’s a little flustered though.

  • GTK+: Monday morning. One more big bug for me to fix. Wheeeee!!!!!

Sun 24 Feb 2002

  • GTK+: One more week before 2.0. So much left to do, so few cycles to do it. Anders had a very cool statistic earlier today. Apparently, we’ve added a line of code to GTK+ every 5 minutes on average since it was branched three years ago.

Sat 08 Dec 2001

  • GTK+ (gtkrbtree.c): Below, I should have had: (node->right == tree->nil || !GTK_RBNODE_FLAG_SET…) This cute little bug, plus one other, kept me busy drawing pictures of Red-Black trees for almost three days.

  • guests (blizzard): Chris is in town for a week or so, again. We’re spending the afternoon hacking in the dining room, listening to Ziggy Stardust. Need to get the Bauhaus version some day…

  • Cooking: Zana’s been experimenting with the Dutch Oven for dinner for the last few weeks. It’s been a lot of fun seeing her transform very tough cuts of meat into tasty, juicy dinners. The only drawback is that there doesn’t seem to be a concept of a light dutch oven dinner.

Thu 06 Dec 2001

  • GTK+ (gtkrbtree.c): Spot the bug below: if (GTK_RBNODE_FLAG_SET (node, GTK_RBNODE_DESCENDANTS_INVALID)) { if ((! GTK_RBNODE_FLAG_SET (node, GTK_RBNODE_INVALID)) && (node->right != tree->nil && ! GTK_RBNODE_FLAG_SET (node->right, GTK_RBNODE_DESCENDANTS_INVALID)) && (node->left != tree->nil && ! GTK_RBNODE_FLAG_SET (node->left, GTK_RBNODE_DESCENDANTS_INVALID)) && (node->children && GTK_RBNODE_FLAG_SET (node->children->root, GTK_RBNODE_DESCENDANTS_INVALID))) GTK_RBNODE_UNSET_FLAG (node, GTK_RBNODE_DESCENDANTS_INVALID); }

Thu 29 Nov 2001

  • GNOME Foundation: Wow! I was voted in. I only hope we can do as good job as the last board did. This looks like it’s going to be a great board — though I do wish we could have squeezed Jeff and Glynn in there somehow.

  • GTK+ (GtkTreeView): Got incremental reflow sorta working yesterday. Tomorrow, I try to get column sizing right.

Mon 19 Nov 2001

  • Website: Decided to play webmaster tonight and worked on my site a bit. Not quite ready yet to make it live. But I will put it up soon.

  • Music: Got “In The Beginning…” by Genesis recently. It’s all their early stuff. I hadn’t listened to it much since my roommate in college had it. It’s kind of fun.

  • GTK+ (GtkTreeView): Committed the last (knock on wood) API change for GTK+ 2.0 for GtkTreeView. I’m pretty happy with most of it. There are a few warts left (column sizing), but I think it’s definitely an improvement. For GTK+ 2.2, it’ll definitely be very cool.