Fri 30 Apr 2004

  • life: …and now, Zana I have been married for four years. It has been a wonderful time, and I wouldn’t give them up for anything. To celebrate, we went out for sushi followed by a trip to the bookstore for coffee and cheesecake. We enjoyed just sitting there, chatting and flipping through some books.

  • music (later): My attempts to add a CD to Zana’s rhythmbox has crashed it horribly. Grr…

Thu 04 Mar 2004

  • Music: With apologies to Oscar Hammerstein II

    Ol’ file chooser That ol’ file chooser. He don’t show nothin’ But he must save somethin’ Cause we just keeps codin’ We keeps codin’ along. Codin’ along. He don’t make new dirs He don’t drag bookmarks. Files thats big is soon forgotten. But that ol’ file chooser We keeps codin’ along…

  • File Chooser: Actually it’s not that bad. The number of critical bugs has gone down by a good number this week. But Monday is awfully close; it’s going to be a busy weekend.

  • Games: Seth Vidal and looked up the last few letters in that game. Zana and I would never have gotten ‘U’ and ‘Y’. A good game overall.

  • Weather: It was warm enough today that we were able to open up a bunch of windows in the house and turn of the heating. It was really refreshing to air the house after winter.

Mon 23 Jun 2003

  • strangeness: As I have no access to my changelog, I’ve hijacked Nathan’s. He won’t mind… will he?

  • drinks: Nathan has gotten quite fond of Diet 7-Up here in Ireland. A bit odd, that. Of course, I still haven’t had any Lucozade yet. I really should.

  • music: The BeeGee’s!!! Woohoo! Interesting show. I still laugh thinking about it. Especially them addressing the town (Youghal)

  • toilets: Just two times, no need for three. I’ve come to just accept it.

  • castles: Lots of castles! Many piles of fallen down structures! An amateur archaeologist’s dream! And the weather has been great to aid in the whole not-falling-down-and-cracking-your-head-open bit.

  • RTotD: If Sir Walter Raleigh owned this town, I can see why he didn’t want to go back to North Carolina. But is there any connection between the name of this town and the fact that North Carolinians inadvertantly say its name on an hourly basis?

Sun 07 Jul 2002

  • sick: I’m a bit better, and will try to go to work tomorrow.

  • music: Zana and I got a fantastic new set of speakers a couple weeks ago. Sibelius Symphony no. 3 (performed by the London Symphony Orchestra) was on the radio tonight. It was wonderful to sit back and code to it.

  • bookworm: I spent the long weekend working on a new project. As I wasn’t feeling well enough to do much else, I thought I’d try to learn something about databases.

    Zana and I have been using a spreadsheet to organize our books for the past couple years. As good as gnumeric has become, it’s very clearly the wrong tool for the job here. We can’t sort the books in any meaningful fashion, let alone make any interesting queries.

    The result was that we spent the last couple days setting up a postgresql database and entering some books. I’ve been writing a frontend to it that we’re calling ‘bookworm’. It’s taken a bit longer than I wanted to write (partially because I’m sick), but it’s starting to look almost useful. I’m getting done with the ‘person’ dialog. I’m not sure who else would be interested in this code (other than possibly Federico), so I’m not sure if I should check it into GNOME CVS. Still, it took my mind off my headache.

  • music (redux): Sibelius finished. Now I’m listening to Shostakovich’s fifth. This is a great piece to listen to while recovering. It fits my current mood a lot better, too.

Mon 19 Nov 2001

  • Website: Decided to play webmaster tonight and worked on my site a bit. Not quite ready yet to make it live. But I will put it up soon.

  • Music: Got “In The Beginning…” by Genesis recently. It’s all their early stuff. I hadn’t listened to it much since my roommate in college had it. It’s kind of fun.

  • GTK+ (GtkTreeView): Committed the last (knock on wood) API change for GTK+ 2.0 for GtkTreeView. I’m pretty happy with most of it. There are a few warts left (column sizing), but I think it’s definitely an improvement. For GTK+ 2.2, it’ll definitely be very cool.

Wed 19 Sep 2001

  • airport: Surprisingly minimal security at the gate. Still, it’s better than what existed before. I’m a still little miffed though, as zana and I were told on the phone to be at the gate three hours prior to departure. It took 10 minutes to get everything set. Zana has an hour more to wait than me.

  • airport (redux): This is definitely the most organized I’ve ever seen the airport.

  • airport (electricity): Just changed gtkmarshal.list. I managed to find a plug just prior to compilation. This is very good, as I was afraid I’d be low on battery before boarding the plane.

  • hacking (GTK+-HEAD): With some help from anders (happy birthday!), I got editable cells working pretty well.

  • music: My dad got me a copy of György Ligeti for my birthday. It’s very, very good airport music. Björk is good airport music too. Something about those ‘ö’s…

Mon 30 Jul 2001

  • Blizzard: Came to visit for a week. It was fun to have him around. The dog especially enjoyed his company. After he left, I spent the afternoon and evening cleaning up. I even ironed a bunch of shirts.

  • Music: I broke down and bought a Moby album yesterday.

  • Hacking: I’ve been working on Nautilus the last week or so. Hopefully will get back to GTK 2.0 soon.

Sat 30 Jun 2001

  • meta: Apparently getting a Wavelan card has totally shot my ChangeLog habit. I find that it never occurs to me to update it when I’m not at my old computer. With a little effort I can hopefully start it up again. I wonder if cross posting this on Advogato would make me try to keep it up more, or just make me look lame.

  • life: A lot seems to have happened in the last month. GTK+ 2.0 API freeze is coming up RSN, and I spent all day working on it. I’ll probably spend most of the day tomorrow too working. My parents came to town for the day, on their way to the coast for a week. Zana and I will join them next weekend — it’ll be good to get a small break.

  • yakk: Yakk mentioned that everyone says what they do, and not what they feel on their weblogs. I know I have a separate, non-public ChangeLog for that. I suspect that many others do as well.

  • music: I’m really enjoying Amnesiac. Only have to wait a few more years before Radio Head’s next album comes out… (-:

  • gegl: A few weeks ago, my stuffed GEGL arrived. It is very cool. Bex is a goddess.

  • Free Software: I have a s3kr3t pl4n! No one can know about it, but it’s going to be very cool!

Tue 06 Mar 2001

  • hacking: Spent the evening unfruitfully trying to figure out how metafont works. Will try again tomorrow.

  • music: Hacked through Moonlight Sonata. My old piano teacher would not be proud of me…

Wed 21 Feb 2001

  • hacking: Played with AisleRiot2 some more tonight. Zana’s been whipping out the games, so I feel like I should be working on the backend some. I gratuitously made GDeckSlot a widget, so that I could reuse the keyboard handling code in GTK+. I may revisit this decision in the future, but it works for now.

  • kitchen: I bought new containers for everything two weekends ago. I finally got around to filling them, recently. There’s something just cool about having a little stoneware bottle that says ‘Oil’ holding olive oil. I guess I’m just easily pleased.

  • i18n: ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO ME! Pretty cool, despite having gone from novel to overplayed in less then half a day…

  • music: We seem to be in the process of acquiring a piano from Zana’s parents. I wonder if I can still play.