Mon 04 Apr 2005

  • evince: I spent a couple evenings last week trying to finish up the threading changes to evince. I got it complete enough that I added two new features this weekend. The first was completion in the entry (see the screenshot at #172453). The second was to add continuous scrolling. Unfortunately, the first requires a bugfix in GTK+ HEAD to be truly useful, and the second is too immature to land. However, the continuous scrolling seemed to perform really well, which makes me feel much better about all the dramatic changes we made to the core.

    After the release this week, I’m going to try to get these in a usable mode and commit them.

  • cars: Zana, Soeren, Seth and I went to the MFA last weekend to see the “Speed, Style and Beauty, the cars of Ralph Lauren” last weekend. It was pretty sweet. I’m not a giant car afficianado, but it was hard not to be appreciative of these cars. I have a new favorite car too — the 1954 Mercedes gullwing SL (with matching luggage.) It was a gorgeous, gorgeous car, and more affordable than the rest. I found one on EBay for only $400K USD, as opposed to the several million the other cars went for. Something to save my pennies for…

    We went to the North End for dinner afterward, and had Cannoli’s for dessert.

  • games: After we got back to Nashua, I tried out Seth’s copy of “Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat”. It was surprisingly fun, though I hit the Bongo’s too hard and my hands hurt after 20 minutes. It was quite gimmicky (I doubt other genres will benefit from a pair of bongos), but this one hit the spot. Crazy, crazy game.

  • basketball: After being demolished in the brackets by Rosanna’s magic nickel, I’m finally looking respectable after Arizona choked. If she’d pulled off both Arizona and Louisville, I’d never be able to live it down.

  • housekeeping (spring): Zana and I went to Raffi’s Daylight’s Savings party last night. We saw a bunch of old friends who we hadn’t seen in a while, and made plans for the upcoming months. Winter is finally over up here, and we’re crawling out of our bunker. It’s looking to be a pretty eventful spring.

Wed 01 Sep 2004

  • games: We bought Pikmin 2 tonight. Zana promptly beat me in multi-player mode while claiming to be unable to figure out the keys. Very sneaky!

  • filechooser: Ellipsizing cell renderers now works well in GTK+-HEAD. I put a screenshot of the filechooser using this at

    We really need to get tooltips on rows going now.

Wed 16 Jun 2004

  • games: Finished Prince of Persia! It was an extremely well crafted game, and a great way to spend a couple evenings. My one complaint is that it was on the short side. The story was quite compelling, though. It was well crafted and kept pulling us to play just a little longer. It had a nice twist at the end, that tied the whole game together really well.

Mon 14 Jun 2004

  • games: Bought Prince of Persia, the Sands of Time this weekend. It’s a lot of fun, and lets me do much cooler moves than I should be able to do. Zana points out that the Prince would be in much better shape if only he’d carry a canteen.

Tue 06 Apr 2004

  • life: It’s been almost a month since I last wrote something. In that time, I jumped from working frantically on GTK+ 2.4.0 to doing sysadmin work full time. I’m quite exhausted.

  • games: I found a great site dedicated to preserving underrated arcade and video games ( Most excitingly, they have Douglas Adams’ “Bureaucracy” available. I spent a lot of time playing that as a kid, and never quite beat it. My copy of that game died years ago though I still have the disk. I also lost the excellent manual, and they have a high quality copy of that. I got it working with dosbox tonight, and have been playing again just in time for tax season.

Thu 04 Mar 2004

  • Music: With apologies to Oscar Hammerstein II

    Ol’ file chooser That ol’ file chooser. He don’t show nothin’ But he must save somethin’ Cause we just keeps codin’ We keeps codin’ along. Codin’ along. He don’t make new dirs He don’t drag bookmarks. Files thats big is soon forgotten. But that ol’ file chooser We keeps codin’ along…

  • File Chooser: Actually it’s not that bad. The number of critical bugs has gone down by a good number this week. But Monday is awfully close; it’s going to be a busy weekend.

  • Games: Seth Vidal and looked up the last few letters in that game. Zana and I would never have gotten ‘U’ and ‘Y’. A good game overall.

  • Weather: It was warm enough today that we were able to open up a bunch of windows in the house and turn of the heating. It was really refreshing to air the house after winter.

Tue 02 Mar 2004

  • File Chooser: Federico and I moved our TODO lists into bugzilla. The length is a bit oppressive, but they’re slowly falling. After our work today, the Save dialog is looking a lot nicer. I brought it up in the gimp and found it pretty darned usable. Also, I’m getting a patches from others, which is a good thing. We’ll have something reasonable by the time 2.4.0 is released.

  • Games: Zana and I have been having a lot of fun with this game Alex pointed out to us:

    We’re stuck on ‘C’, ‘U’ and ‘Y’. But if you know those, don’t tell us!

Wed 14 Mar 2001

  • Laptop: My laptop arrived!!!! Woo hoo hoo. Repartitioned it to add a wintendo partition, but it mostly works. Then I tried to install network drivers for the pcmcia card I have for Windows. That was a total disaster. I think I’ll have to reinstall it tomorrow. It was nice getting a laptop from dell to arrive with RH7 preinstalled though.

  • Laptop (ximian): Tried installing ximian GNOME last night. Somehow, it downloaded a bad gimp-devel package, which then put the install in an infinite loop (apparently it spent all night reinstalling the same 120 packages or so.) This morning, nothing gnome related would work. A ‘rpm –rebuilddb’ and a ‘rpm -Uvh –force /var/cache/helix-install/*rpm’ seems to have fixed it all up, but it was pretty bizarre.

  • Games (alpha centauri): Stupid game… Eating up all my evening like that.

  • food (lunch): Went with Zana for Sushi. I’ve never had warm sushi before. I don’t think sushi is supposed to be warm. I don’t think I’ll be going back there any time soon.

  • Eazel: That sucks. I hope most of you guys will be able to get another job soon, and those who were starting to feel part of the GNOME community will still feel welcome.