Wed 14 Mar 2001

  • Laptop: My laptop arrived!!!! Woo hoo hoo. Repartitioned it to add a wintendo partition, but it mostly works. Then I tried to install network drivers for the pcmcia card I have for Windows. That was a total disaster. I think I’ll have to reinstall it tomorrow. It was nice getting a laptop from dell to arrive with RH7 preinstalled though.

  • Laptop (ximian): Tried installing ximian GNOME last night. Somehow, it downloaded a bad gimp-devel package, which then put the install in an infinite loop (apparently it spent all night reinstalling the same 120 packages or so.) This morning, nothing gnome related would work. A ‘rpm –rebuilddb’ and a ‘rpm -Uvh –force /var/cache/helix-install/*rpm’ seems to have fixed it all up, but it was pretty bizarre.

  • Games (alpha centauri): Stupid game… Eating up all my evening like that.

  • food (lunch): Went with Zana for Sushi. I’ve never had warm sushi before. I don’t think sushi is supposed to be warm. I don’t think I’ll be going back there any time soon.

  • Eazel: That sucks. I hope most of you guys will be able to get another job soon, and those who were starting to feel part of the GNOME community will still feel welcome.

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