Sun 22 Feb 2004

  • File Selector: I did more work. The path bar is almost done. I hope to spend the rest of next week getting the behavior right. It’s starting to look pretty nice now; at least on my machine. (-:

  • semantics: What does “troubled” mean?

    When someone says they’re “troubled” by an event, does that mean that they’re against it? That they don’t understand it enough? It really sounds like a cop-out word to me.

  • Food: Went out for BBQ with some others from RH (though we left when the others went to see a movie). The food was pretty tasty, though a little on the dry side. I wasn’t in North Carolina quite long enough to become a BBQ snob, but I do enjoy it when it is good. The sweet-tea was not so good. So much so that Zana and I went to Chick-Fil-A earlier today.

Sat 23 Nov 2002

  • knitting: Apparently knitters have copyright problems too. A knitter/designer named Alice Starmore has been sending cease and desist letters to anyone using her name in any fashion. She has apparently even threatened people posting images of sweaters she designed that they’ve knit. Amazing. More links below.

    I need to renew my EFF membership sometime…

  • themes: I have a plan. It’s going to be rough to implement. Fortunately, I have 20 hours in a train to figure it out.

  • sky events: I watched the Leonids with Zana, Garrett, and three of Garrett’s friends. It was a little dissapointing; there was a thin fog layer that meant that we missed all but the largest meteor strikes. Still, it wasn’t a bad show. Zana made muffins which were certainly appreciated.

    To top off the meteor shower, Zana and I saw an absolutely stunning lunar halo last night. It was much more impressive than the Leonids, and has made my month. I really wish I could have photographed it.

  • Food: Zana made a really interesting meal tonight. It had mashed sweet potatos and curried beef with currants. There was also grape tomatos, pine nuts, and broccoli lightly sauteed in apple cider vinegar and a touch of olive oil. It was extremely tasty, and not like most of the food I eat. Yum.

Wed 19 Sep 2001

  • food: Just had dinner. Limp salad with Heinz salad dressing in a ketchup packet. Lousy chicken and rice. Shrek on the TV. Mediocre Merlot. Whole wheat bread with cheese and butter. Crackers. Lemon cream pie, and a pecan chocolate shaped like a reeses peanut butter cup for dessert. Served with plastic cutlery. The merlot bottle seems more dangerous than the old metal knives they used to provide. Had Tea and a glass of ice water to wash it all down.

  • food (tea): Tea had heavy cream and Equal. I don’t know why I bothered with the equal.

  • flight path: Still over land. I had hoped we’d be over the atlantic by now.

  • nautilus: Seems to be having problems with my ChangeLog. Bad!

  • city lights: There’s very light cloud cover right now. As we hit variations in the cloud’s density the lights dim and brighten, much as if some one had a giant rheostat attached to them. I’d like to see the rheostat for the world.

Wed 23 May 2001

  • hacking (AisleRiot2): Got cards drawing again — this time they’re scaled. Also started porting the drawing engine from AR1 over until I can get real SVG images.

  • hacking (GtkTreeView): I added the amazing focusing but non-activateable buttons today. These are buttons that you can click on to give focus (necessary for reordering columns). However you can’t actually activate them. It’s a nice, small touch…

  • work: Power outage caused by storm today. Fortunately, my roof didn’t leak for once.

  • food: Made pumpkin-blueberry pie for dessert. It’s interesting, though a little sweet.

Fri 06 Apr 2001

  • guadec: Really busy day. Helped give a GTK+-2.0 this morning by confusing everyone on how the new tree widget works. Hopefully every one will figure out how to use it as well as how cool it is. Saw a talk on . Missed Rob Gringle’s talk while eating lunch, and trying to get the networking working. Still haven’t read my mail. Saw a sobering talk on usability by a Sun engineer. Watched Michael Meeks talk on bonobo with Owen later. Had a pretty fun talk with Jody, who showed me what is happening in gnumeric. Finally, working group with everyone on GNOME and Havoc describing the Foundations discussions.

  • GNOME: There’s a lot of cool stuff going on!

  • food: Danish food is pretty interesting, but not great. We had a nice Danish lunch yesterday with pickled cabbage pickled herring, some sort of white potatoes, and gravy. Lunch was interesting. I put what I thought was cheese on my sandwich, only to find it was shredded horseraddish. There was some mayonnaise-like substance that wasn’t mayonnaise (I never figured out what it was.)

  • location (copenhagen): Sort of dreary and depressing. It’s also fairly compact. Very bike accessible. I like that.

Sat 17 Mar 2001

  • Hacking (AisleRiot2): Did work on masks. I also realized I’m going to have to do this an inefficient way, in order to get the antialiased effect correct. I wonder if there’s anything wrong with having a widget with shaped windows as it’s window.

  • Food (dinner): Mama Dips with Zana, Havoc, Amy and Owen. I had fried catfish bones with some meat attached. Eating was an adventure.

  • Beer: Got a bad bottle of New Castle tonight. It is making me sick. )-:

  • Boomers: A friend of mine had a really bad day. He has a cool website though:

Wed 14 Mar 2001

  • Laptop: My laptop arrived!!!! Woo hoo hoo. Repartitioned it to add a wintendo partition, but it mostly works. Then I tried to install network drivers for the pcmcia card I have for Windows. That was a total disaster. I think I’ll have to reinstall it tomorrow. It was nice getting a laptop from dell to arrive with RH7 preinstalled though.

  • Laptop (ximian): Tried installing ximian GNOME last night. Somehow, it downloaded a bad gimp-devel package, which then put the install in an infinite loop (apparently it spent all night reinstalling the same 120 packages or so.) This morning, nothing gnome related would work. A ‘rpm –rebuilddb’ and a ‘rpm -Uvh –force /var/cache/helix-install/*rpm’ seems to have fixed it all up, but it was pretty bizarre.

  • Games (alpha centauri): Stupid game… Eating up all my evening like that.

  • food (lunch): Went with Zana for Sushi. I’ve never had warm sushi before. I don’t think sushi is supposed to be warm. I don’t think I’ll be going back there any time soon.

  • Eazel: That sucks. I hope most of you guys will be able to get another job soon, and those who were starting to feel part of the GNOME community will still feel welcome.

Sat 10 Mar 2001

  • hacking (AisleRiot): I finally bugged itp enough to make him make a gnome-games release. Next, I need to bug him to capitalize AisleRiot correctly…

  • hacking (AisleRiot2): you can now move cards onto slots, and reveal hidden cards. Next — animations.

  • hacking (GtkTreeView): Spent the day fixing a bunch of little bugs, and talking to TimJ about how to handle values better. Other then that, I’m basically down to two big API changes left in the tree — the sort model rewrite, and the focus changes. I should be done with both by GUADEC.

  • food (dinner): Went to the Carolina Coffee house and had a very flat beer. The waiter never refilled Zana’s sweet tea either. Normally the food is better then that. Disappointing.

  • car: My car seems to be falling apart. I need to get it cleaned and serviced sometime soon.