Sat 23 Nov 2002

  • knitting: Apparently knitters have copyright problems too. A knitter/designer named Alice Starmore has been sending cease and desist letters to anyone using her name in any fashion. She has apparently even threatened people posting images of sweaters she designed that they’ve knit. Amazing. More links below.

    I need to renew my EFF membership sometime…

  • themes: I have a plan. It’s going to be rough to implement. Fortunately, I have 20 hours in a train to figure it out.

  • sky events: I watched the Leonids with Zana, Garrett, and three of Garrett’s friends. It was a little dissapointing; there was a thin fog layer that meant that we missed all but the largest meteor strikes. Still, it wasn’t a bad show. Zana made muffins which were certainly appreciated.

    To top off the meteor shower, Zana and I saw an absolutely stunning lunar halo last night. It was much more impressive than the Leonids, and has made my month. I really wish I could have photographed it.

  • Food: Zana made a really interesting meal tonight. It had mashed sweet potatos and curried beef with currants. There was also grape tomatos, pine nuts, and broccoli lightly sauteed in apple cider vinegar and a touch of olive oil. It was extremely tasty, and not like most of the food I eat. Yum.