Sun 22 Feb 2004

  • File Selector: I did more work. The path bar is almost done. I hope to spend the rest of next week getting the behavior right. It’s starting to look pretty nice now; at least on my machine. (-:

  • semantics: What does “troubled” mean?

    When someone says they’re “troubled” by an event, does that mean that they’re against it? That they don’t understand it enough? It really sounds like a cop-out word to me.

  • Food: Went out for BBQ with some others from RH (though we left when the others went to see a movie). The food was pretty tasty, though a little on the dry side. I wasn’t in North Carolina quite long enough to become a BBQ snob, but I do enjoy it when it is good. The sweet-tea was not so good. So much so that Zana and I went to Chick-Fil-A earlier today.