Wed 19 Sep 2001

  • airport: Surprisingly minimal security at the gate. Still, it’s better than what existed before. I’m a still little miffed though, as zana and I were told on the phone to be at the gate three hours prior to departure. It took 10 minutes to get everything set. Zana has an hour more to wait than me.

  • airport (redux): This is definitely the most organized I’ve ever seen the airport.

  • airport (electricity): Just changed gtkmarshal.list. I managed to find a plug just prior to compilation. This is very good, as I was afraid I’d be low on battery before boarding the plane.

  • hacking (GTK+-HEAD): With some help from anders (happy birthday!), I got editable cells working pretty well.

  • music: My dad got me a copy of György Ligeti for my birthday. It’s very, very good airport music. Björk is good airport music too. Something about those ‘ö’s…

Mon 30 Jul 2001

  • Movie (Elizabeth): Very cool movie. Very very good movie. Sir Francis Walsingham was very cool. Or maybe it’s just Geoffrey Rush.

  • Hacking: Nautilus is so cool.

  • Dinner: We went to an Indian restaurant for dinner. They were playing a version of the theme song from “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” on the Sitar, with Indian lyrics. Very bizarre…

  • Denim: Went to the Middle Eastern deli yesterday for lunch. There was a woman there with a fairly short, denim mini-skirt. When she got up to leave, she bent over to pick up her bag, leisurely mooning the entire restuarant. It was extremely surreal.

Mon 30 Jul 2001

  • Blizzard: Came to visit for a week. It was fun to have him around. The dog especially enjoyed his company. After he left, I spent the afternoon and evening cleaning up. I even ironed a bunch of shirts.

  • Music: I broke down and bought a Moby album yesterday.

  • Hacking: I’ve been working on Nautilus the last week or so. Hopefully will get back to GTK 2.0 soon.

Sun 10 Jun 2001

  • hacking: Man, it’s been a while since I’ve entered any diaries. I’m tired. I just got AisleRiot2 to draw the old freecell style cards. There’s a screenshot of a random game written in Scheme using the new engine at I took it with the very nifty screenshooter. GNOME is sooo cool nowadays…

Wed 30 May 2001

  • hacking (GtkTreeView): Started adding keybinding support. I should have done this a long time ago — it was a lot easier then I thought.

  • wireless: Got 2 cards and a base station. Now I can use my laptop wireless from anywhere in the house. It’s very cool…

  • federico: Congratulations, dude. I hope you guys are always happy together.

Mon 28 May 2001

  • lunch: Memorial day today. Christian came over and we barbecued hamburgers and hot dogs. Additionally, we made a mediocre green salad, and a very nice pasta salad (Shells with seedless summer tomatoes and pesto.) We asked him to bring the beverages, and he responded by bringing a whole lot of beer, some nice pink lemonade, and Coca Cola. We ate too much then tried to go see Shrek. Apparently a lot of other people had this idea and the movie was sold out. We changed plans and ended up at the Open Eye Cafe for coffee. Then we came home and watched episoide two of Monty Python’s Complete Flying Circus.

  • theonion: I think that the only thing currently that is as funny as Monty Python on a regular basis is The Onion. Zana got me Our Dumb Century (ISBN: 069452199X) recently, and it totally rocks my world.

  • hacking (AisleRiot): Not much work today. Maybe tomorrow evening…

  • hacking (simple-screenshot): I’ve now made gnome-core depend on gnome-print. My mother would be proud.

Sat 26 May 2001

  • doggy: Stinks. Managed to get into something outside recently. I’ve shampooed him four times too…

  • sports: Watched the Lakers destroy the Spurs with Zana tonight. It was pretty fun. I thought Tim Duncan was cooler then that, though…

  • hacking: Wrote a small screenshooter for GNOME inspired by Havoc’s post. I found what I think is a bug in gnome-print along the way.

Wed 23 May 2001

  • hacking (AisleRiot2): Got cards drawing again — this time they’re scaled. Also started porting the drawing engine from AR1 over until I can get real SVG images.

  • hacking (GtkTreeView): I added the amazing focusing but non-activateable buttons today. These are buttons that you can click on to give focus (necessary for reordering columns). However you can’t actually activate them. It’s a nice, small touch…

  • work: Power outage caused by storm today. Fortunately, my roof didn’t leak for once.

  • food: Made pumpkin-blueberry pie for dessert. It’s interesting, though a little sweet.

Sat 19 May 2001

  • hacking: wrote a highlighting mode for gtk-demo last night. I have a sinking feeling that it’s the most productive thing I did all week. All the tree bugs I fixed were fairly small ones that no one will ever really see, unless they do things in their program in a backwards order.

  • guppi and gnumeric: Both of these apps are very cool. I used guppi today to view some profiling data, and it just worked (TM). gnumeric just seems to be getting better and better.

  • boom: yaka-BOOM!

  • battlebots: I want to build a battlebot.

Wed 16 May 2001

  • movie: Fairwell My Concubine. A very good movie. Made me really greatful again I didn’t grow up in China during the cultural revolution. What a horrible, horrible thing that was. After the movie, I decided to go ahead and buy a book on Cantonese grammar so I can (try to) learn a little Cantonese with Zana.

  • hacking (gtk+-HEAD): Lot of work sanitizing column code. Still not sure what some interactions are, but I’m ready to move to DnD. The tree will be finished some day…