Mon 28 May 2001

  • lunch: Memorial day today. Christian came over and we barbecued hamburgers and hot dogs. Additionally, we made a mediocre green salad, and a very nice pasta salad (Shells with seedless summer tomatoes and pesto.) We asked him to bring the beverages, and he responded by bringing a whole lot of beer, some nice pink lemonade, and Coca Cola. We ate too much then tried to go see Shrek. Apparently a lot of other people had this idea and the movie was sold out. We changed plans and ended up at the Open Eye Cafe for coffee. Then we came home and watched episoide two of Monty Python’s Complete Flying Circus.

  • theonion: I think that the only thing currently that is as funny as Monty Python on a regular basis is The Onion. Zana got me Our Dumb Century (ISBN: 069452199X) recently, and it totally rocks my world.

  • hacking (AisleRiot): Not much work today. Maybe tomorrow evening…

  • hacking (simple-screenshot): I’ve now made gnome-core depend on gnome-print. My mother would be proud.

Sat 31 Mar 2001

  • dinnerandamovie: Went out with Owen and Zana to the Persian restaurant ( and rented The Red Violin afterwards. I liked the movie even though it was a little silly. A very good mood piece.

  • hacking (GTK+-HEAD): Finished getting GtkListStore to fully implement GtkTreeSortable, as well as getting GtkTreeView to fully take advantage of them (minus parity.) It’s pretty darn neat. I then started getting GtkTreeStore to use it, but I didn’t finish, unfortunately (despite the fact it’s mostly a cut’n’paste job.) I also spent some time talking to Crutcher about the next step of the alchemist. Good chat.

  • hacking (lungs): Spent some time after Owen left trying to remove the grout from the bathtub/tile interface. The previous owner had done a pretty poor job, and the grout had started cracking. We would like to put some caulk there to try and resist the water longer. I dragged out the Dremmel tool to try and get faster results then the knife we have, and indeed I got them. Unfortunately, I breathed in too much dust, and I’ve been coughing and sniffling ever since. Need to invest in a face mask…

  • lunch: Went with Zana to the Northgate mall to get her engagement ring inspected/cleaned. While there, we ate at Tokyo Express. It was the worse mall food I’ve ever had. It was amazingly bad. Zana’s meal was worse — her “Beef Stew with Noodles” was basicly Spaghetti with meat sauce. Only problem was the meat sauce was made from the cheapest part of the beef.

  • jester: Seems to have learned the word “perambulate”. Need to come up with another euphamism for “walk”.

  • meta: Somewhere along the way, I started to uppercase my subjects. Should probably rectify that.