Sat 31 Mar 2001

  • dinnerandamovie: Went out with Owen and Zana to the Persian restaurant ( and rented The Red Violin afterwards. I liked the movie even though it was a little silly. A very good mood piece.

  • hacking (GTK+-HEAD): Finished getting GtkListStore to fully implement GtkTreeSortable, as well as getting GtkTreeView to fully take advantage of them (minus parity.) It’s pretty darn neat. I then started getting GtkTreeStore to use it, but I didn’t finish, unfortunately (despite the fact it’s mostly a cut’n’paste job.) I also spent some time talking to Crutcher about the next step of the alchemist. Good chat.

  • hacking (lungs): Spent some time after Owen left trying to remove the grout from the bathtub/tile interface. The previous owner had done a pretty poor job, and the grout had started cracking. We would like to put some caulk there to try and resist the water longer. I dragged out the Dremmel tool to try and get faster results then the knife we have, and indeed I got them. Unfortunately, I breathed in too much dust, and I’ve been coughing and sniffling ever since. Need to invest in a face mask…

  • lunch: Went with Zana to the Northgate mall to get her engagement ring inspected/cleaned. While there, we ate at Tokyo Express. It was the worse mall food I’ve ever had. It was amazingly bad. Zana’s meal was worse — her “Beef Stew with Noodles” was basicly Spaghetti with meat sauce. Only problem was the meat sauce was made from the cheapest part of the beef.

  • jester: Seems to have learned the word “perambulate”. Need to come up with another euphamism for “walk”.

  • meta: Somewhere along the way, I started to uppercase my subjects. Should probably rectify that.