Tue 15 May 2001

  • movie: Saw “An Ideal Husband” with Alex and Zana. It was pretty good, though I felt like I’d seen it before. I felt really stupid at the end when I realized it was an Oscar Wilde play. I even think I’ve read it before.

  • hacking (Zope): Owen and I learned more about Zope then we wanted to this evening. Apparently, when setting the document root, we broke all management software. We had to save the page source to a file and edit the table target in order to fix it. Anyhow, it seems to basically work now.

  • hacking (gdeck): Rusty Conover seems interested in it. Must-redouble-current-efforts!!!

Fri 04 May 2001

  • alex: Alex is now in town, staying here until he can find an apartment. Should be an interesting couple of days.

  • hacking (Nautilus): Nautilus truly rocks. I spent last night looking at it a bit with Alex. We found c couple things that it doesn’t do correctly, but most of the time it just worked (TM). Need to finish my attempts at putting ogg files at the same level of support as mp3’s.

Tue 01 May 2001

  • hacking (music): Spent a few minutes cleaning up Mr. Rupert’s Ripping and Encoding tools so they do a better job of encoding data into the ogg’s created. I am considering adding FreeDB support to the encoding tool so I can get the DATE field added.

  • hacking (Nautilus): Spent the night trying to modify the music view in Nautilus to handle ogg files. Dealing with the nautilus view and gnome-vfs was a lot less painful then I expected. Everything I tried basically worked. libvorbis seems to have a somewhat crufty API, but seems alright other then that. I have it currently displaying the correct file information. Tonight I’ll get it to play.

  • hacking (gnome-vfs): I hope someone looks/comments on my patch.

  • movie: Saw the Producers last night, and the Mummy the night before. Neither one was particular good, but both were very enjoyable. I think I’d like to go see the Mummy 2 this weekend. It looks like it will be much better on the big screen.

    The reason we rented the Producers, was that I have a recollection of really enjoying it when I was a kid. I think I merged that film with “To Be or Not To Be”, though. Both movies have musicals with Hitler in them, and are made by Mel Brooks.

Fri 27 Apr 2001

  • blizzard: Went out to dinner at Peppers with Owen, Havoc and Amy. Then, I got a Chai from Caribou, to replace the one I had stupidly dropped the night before. It was good.

  • hacking: wanted to finish my patch to gnome-vfs last night, but got distracted by the truly awful Lakers game. It seems like the Lakers peaked at just the right time. I have to do it tonight now, before 1.0.3 comes out…

  • wedding: Anders just wished Zana and I a happy anniversary. He has a kick ass memory or something.

Tue 24 Apr 2001

  • hacking (GNOME 1.4): Worked more on some packages for Red Hat 7.1. It’s going to take some more QA before we release.

  • go: Christian came over for dinner. We went to Carolina Brewery and had vaguely southern food. Went for coffee at Caribou (I got a light white berry as per normal). Afterwards, he taught Zana and I how to play go. It was much better than the movie.

Thu 19 Apr 2001

  • pet peeve: There’s a commercial on TV advertising a CD-ROM that can “help you learn the computer!” It has a pretty vacuous blonde stating that “she has now learned the computer, thanks to [the product].” Try learning english first…

  • hacking: Spent half the week building GNOME 1.4 packages for RH. This took a long time.

  • books: Tales from Watership Down is turning out to be a major disappointment. I can barely get through it. )-:

  • hockey: Red Hat sponsored the hockey game last night and, Zana and I got free tickets to watch it. It was sort of fun to see a ‘Red Hat Replay’ everytime something cool happened. Much more disturbing were the ‘Glaxo Smith Kline Flonase Trips Down Memory Cane’. The name was so ridiculous, it overshadowed the fact that the Hurricanes are only 4 years old, and flashbacks are silly at this point.

    Anyway, it had been a while since I’d been to a hockey game and it was a lot of fun. It was well played, and the Canes won in an exciting fashion. If they win again tomorrow (unlikely) there’ll be a game 6 in the series in town on Sunday. I might even pay to go see them then.

  • hockey (food): The food at the hockey arena was pretty poor. It was too good to be yummy (but bad for you) stadium food, but it wasn’t good enough to be real food. Oh, for a Dodger Dog…

Mon 16 Apr 2001

  • scrabble: Owen came over last night, and we played scrabble and ate chinese food. It was a lot of fun, though owen got miserable hands. I got a bingo with ‘sunrays’ and got 79 points as a result.

  • parents: Went home to California after a few days. My dad helped mow the lawn making it look a lot more respectable.

  • rabbits: Finished reading watership down last night. Wonderful book. It made me feel like a rabbit for a while. Next up: Tales (Tails?) from Watership Down.

  • hacking: I have a lot of catching up to do.

  • taxes: suck