Thu 19 Apr 2001

  • pet peeve: There’s a commercial on TV advertising a CD-ROM that can “help you learn the computer!” It has a pretty vacuous blonde stating that “she has now learned the computer, thanks to [the product].” Try learning english first…

  • hacking: Spent half the week building GNOME 1.4 packages for RH. This took a long time.

  • books: Tales from Watership Down is turning out to be a major disappointment. I can barely get through it. )-:

  • hockey: Red Hat sponsored the hockey game last night and, Zana and I got free tickets to watch it. It was sort of fun to see a ‘Red Hat Replay’ everytime something cool happened. Much more disturbing were the ‘Glaxo Smith Kline Flonase Trips Down Memory Cane’. The name was so ridiculous, it overshadowed the fact that the Hurricanes are only 4 years old, and flashbacks are silly at this point.

    Anyway, it had been a while since I’d been to a hockey game and it was a lot of fun. It was well played, and the Canes won in an exciting fashion. If they win again tomorrow (unlikely) there’ll be a game 6 in the series in town on Sunday. I might even pay to go see them then.

  • hockey (food): The food at the hockey arena was pretty poor. It was too good to be yummy (but bad for you) stadium food, but it wasn’t good enough to be real food. Oh, for a Dodger Dog…

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