Wed 07 Feb 2001

  • hacking: Spent half the day getting Crutcher’s printconf program automake’d and in CVS, and half the time trying to get a release of apacheconf. Phil claimed to have it generating httpd.conf files, but I’ll have to try it myself tomorrow. I think we’ll try and make a public release tomorrow.

  • entertainment: Movie of the night was 13th Warrior. Mr Cranky pegged it when he described it as “a cross between ‘Dances with Wolves,’ ‘Braveheart’ and two hours of television static.” I think there was a Miller Light commercial mixed in there somewhere.

  • dog: Time to walk the doggy.

Tue 06 Feb 2001

  • hacking (apacheconf): Hosed at work. Had a productive day today, but only now realize how much is left to be done — as is often the case.

  • hacking (music): itp sent me a copy of his Mister Ruperts Ripping and Encoding tools. Groovy name, but it’s written in perl. Still, I hope to use it to oggify my CD collection.