Mon 29 Aug 2005

  • ridley: I finally got Project Ridley announced. This has been overdue for a long time, and I hope that we’ll get some good contributors to this project. I’ve gotten a number of replies from people interested in helping out, and there’s plenty to be done.

    There were a number of FAQs and some confusion about it, so I thought I’d give an effort to answer them:

    Q: What is the main goal of Project Ridley? A: We are really trying to clean up the existing library stack and platform. When we are done, we should have a better story for developers.

    Q: Are you going to write <my favorite feature> A: Depends if it’s in an existing library. There’s nothing that says that additional development can’t happen, but we’re going to be focusing on the functionality in libraries that currently exist.

    Q: Can I help? A: We always need help! There are some people signed up for projects already at the ProjectRidley page at, but there’s plenty of room for more help. People interested in writing code should come to the GTK+ team meeting on Tuesdays. It’s typically held on IRC in #gtk-devel at 4:00 EDT.

    Q: <generic complaints about keybindings> A: This project has nothing to do with keybindings, dangit.

    Q: What does Project Ridley mean? A: I’m not telling. (-:

  • style: Zana got her hair cut short again. It looks really good!

  • dog: When we came back this evening after going out, we found a lot of muddy pawprints in the bathtub. The dog had jumped into it while we were gone. He hates baths! I have no idea what he was doing there.

  • sudoku: My mom bought us a book of sudoku puzzles, so I did what any good nerd would do — I wrote a simple solver in python. It’s now almost as good at these puzzles as my wife is. I need to add branching support to it, but it solves most of the puzzles I can throw at it.

  • New Orleans: We have been watching the really terrifying images on TV. The city was awesome when I visited it a couple months ago, and I really hope that it’s still there in the morning. It looks like it’s going to be horrible.

Mon 26 Mar 2001

  • DSL: Connection was down for most of the weekend. Suck.

  • Oscars: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Wires didn’t win Best Picture. Further Proof that none of the voters actually watch the movies.

  • Hacking: Despite the fact we’ve reached crunch time, I was unable to do any serious GTK+ hacking from home due to above mentioned network outage. Worked on AR2, instead. I got the gdeck library hooked up with the Scheme code as a test, and managed to get the Klondike to appear (though moving cards is not currently working.) I started working on the drawing code for cards, and got bogged down by pixbuf issues (alpha/non-alpha messiness). I’m thinking my great idea of drawing the images dynamicaly might not be such a great idea after all. It will save 1.5 Megs of memory, though…

  • Taxes: Suck.

  • Movie (Out of Sight): I’ve seen a lot of Jennifer Lopez recently, for some reason. During the Acadamy Awards pregame show, I saw a _lot_ of her…

  • dog: Jester decided that it would be a lot of fun to rip up our bags of leaves and spread them over the lawn. Bad Dog!

  • My computer is sounding like a Jet Engine again. Bad ‘puter!

Sat 03 Mar 2001

  • hacking (AR2): Cards now move. I think redraws of slots are too slow. I might try to play with the XRender extention sometime this weekend to see if I can get it working, and if it speeds things up.

  • food (lunch): Went to Neo China again for the first time in a long time. Hasn’t changed one bit in the last couple of months.

  • food (dinner): Middle East Cafe for dinner with Havoc, Amy, Owen, and Zana. Had a big plate of Hummus, Meat, and Tabouli. Shoulda got desert or coffee afterwards, but ended up with a can of Dr. Browns Diet Cream Soda. Zana pointed out that it said 100% Nutrasweet on the side, which was just a little bit disturbing.

  • dog: Time to give him a shower again soon. He’s not going to like this.

  • Hosedness: My friend Julie is finally unhosed again, after successively defending. Cool.

Wed 07 Feb 2001

  • hacking: Spent half the day getting Crutcher’s printconf program automake’d and in CVS, and half the time trying to get a release of apacheconf. Phil claimed to have it generating httpd.conf files, but I’ll have to try it myself tomorrow. I think we’ll try and make a public release tomorrow.

  • entertainment: Movie of the night was 13th Warrior. Mr Cranky pegged it when he described it as “a cross between ‘Dances with Wolves,’ ‘Braveheart’ and two hours of television static.” I think there was a Miller Light commercial mixed in there somewhere.

  • dog: Time to walk the doggy.

Mon 21 Dec 2000

  • zana: Knitting like mad on my sweater. It looks cool…

  • work: Unproductive day. Helped Crutcher track down a memory-corruption bug. Did some glade-work. Then tried to do some more work on GtkTreeModelSort to ease my conscience.

  • dog: Jester caught an opossum earlier tonight. He seemed rather proud of himself, but got a shower for his troubles. The opossum appeared to be quite dead, but ran off a few minutes later. I guess they do that.

  • xmas: Opened presents from my uncle and aunt, rather then drag them all the way to LA for Christmas. Zana got a book of Welsh poems. I need to learn Welsh — it’s such a cool looking language. I need to learn Cantonese first, though…