Wed 28 Feb 2001

  • hacking (tree): Fixed a really nasty (3 line) bug in the RB tree code. Also, think I finally got selections fully working. Doing this tree is harder then it seems, as you have so little control over the model from the view. You need to make sure you’re in a consistent state at all times, which can be pretty messy.

    For example, today I fixed a bug where the view was updating when a node was deleted, but the selection had not yet gotten the signal yet. Because of this, when the another part of the code (also listening to a signal) tried to get the selection, it got a bogus pointer. This problem is fixable, but it highlights how tricky this can be.

  • hacking (AR2): much clean up of code, and auto sizing now. No new screenshot though.

  • hacking (AR): Added George’s scrolling menu patch. I’m going to some sort of hacker Hell for that one. Zana has been whipping out games at a ridiculous pace. It’s going to suck to move them over to AR2.

  • GOB: Day 2 of my gob maintainershipness. I’m so overwhelmed with possibilities that I don’t know what to do.

  • Mole: I think Steven is the mole. Zana thinks Kathryn is the mole. Tomorrow, we find out. What a silly game…

Tue 27 Feb 2001

  • hacking (GtkTreeView): Ugh. Spent the day writing test code, and fixing selections. I was hoping to sanitize the column code, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

  • hacking (GOB): Woo! I am the maintainer of this package now. Time to wreak havoc!!!

  • hacking (AisleRiot2): Added card drawing code (though without filling in the card details.) They don’t move yet, but they draw. Screenshot here:

  • Folliage: Our neighbor has a tree at a 45 degree angle. The only thing that keeps it from crashing down is another tree, which in turn is starting to tilt. I’m glad it’s not leaning over anything important.

Mon 26 Feb 2001

  • hacking (AisleRiot2): Spent most of the day hacking on AR2. Dunno where the day went. Anyway, I fleshed out a lot more of the design, and even added cool slot types. I took a screenshot at of 5 slots: They are (from left to right) Normal, Invisible, Stock, Stock (no more redeals) and Waste. Additionally, there is a slot with a row of cards below, but as I’m not actually drawing the cards yet, you can’t see anything. It’s sizing correctly, though.

    I need to get a vector drawing of the 4 suits for those slot types. That would rock really hard! Unfortunately, my artistic skills were stretched by those simple geometric shapes.

    I’m getting really tired of the terracotta background image, but it’s a good test.

  • Web (AisleRiot2): Zana started working on a webpage for AisleRiot. It’s not really pretty yet, but hopefully we can turn it into something.

  • Luck (Fortune cookie): Got a fortune from a fortune cookie yesterday that said “Now is the time to go buy stocks.” Freaky.

Sun 25 Feb 2001

  • hacking (AisleRiot2): Wheeeeee! I got a start on the new AR card engine. If nothing else, it’s starting to look pretty. Here is a picture of a slot: Tomorrow, I’m going to add cards and make them move. They may not actually draw yet, but they’ll move.

Sat 24 Feb 2001

  • doggy: Found a tick on him. Oil didn’t work, so I had to use tweezers as well. Fortunately (for the dog), I got the tick out in one piece, and squished it.

  • food (lunch): Sarah’s Empanada’s with Zana. She had the fried Yuca root. It was something that’s good to have eaten once.

  • food (dinner): Went to Panzanella with Zana, Havoc, Amy, Owen, and Adrian from the Japanese office. Nice meal involving pork and Risotto.

  • hacking: Finally made some sense of the sizing code in GtkTreeView. Next week, I hope to get keyboard navigation working.

  • cards: Apparently kpat took the really old card design that Zana wrote for AisleRiot originally and added it as a card front option. They also took my polluted sky background. It was really surreal to see it again. I have my work cut out, if I want to match them in the card-library arms race.

Thu 22 Feb 2001

  • hacking (GtkTreeView): Spent all day porting Gtk{Tree,List}Store from GtkObject to GObject. This took a lot longer then I expected, at least partially b/c I’m testing a number of untested features in glib. Tomorrow, I’m going to make sense of column widths.

  • hacking (AisleRiot2): Worked more on the rewrite the card engine. Unfortunately, got distracted ‘testing’ the old one. Nevertheless, made some progress. As soon as I get something functional, I’ll post it/put it in CVS.

  • table tennis: Fought Bryce to 19-21 twice. One of these days I’ll beat him.

  • bomberman: Got totally schooled by Dr Mike and Havoc. Just one of those loser-days, I guess.

Wed 21 Feb 2001

  • hacking: Played with AisleRiot2 some more tonight. Zana’s been whipping out the games, so I feel like I should be working on the backend some. I gratuitously made GDeckSlot a widget, so that I could reuse the keyboard handling code in GTK+. I may revisit this decision in the future, but it works for now.

  • kitchen: I bought new containers for everything two weekends ago. I finally got around to filling them, recently. There’s something just cool about having a little stoneware bottle that says ‘Oil’ holding olive oil. I guess I’m just easily pleased.

  • i18n: ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO ME! Pretty cool, despite having gone from novel to overplayed in less then half a day…

  • music: We seem to be in the process of acquiring a piano from Zana’s parents. I wonder if I can still play.

Sat 17 Feb 2001

  • hacking (GTK+-HEAD): Did a bunch of small things to the tree widget yesterday. It was therapeutic to actually work on GTK+ again, as opposed to doing config tools. I found I had forgotten half my C. I kept leaving ‘;’ off the end of the lines, and tried to put a ‘print’ statement in my code. I did a bunch of small changes to the tree, including foolishly accepting a patch from alexl. Owen pointed out that his object, while being a neat feature, could probably be implemented easily in GtkTreeView. Going there to look, I discovered I’d already half done so. Sheesh…

  • entertainment: Watched Toy Story 2 with Zana. It was very entertaining, and extremely well done.

Thu 15 Feb 2001

  • work (conftools): Did a bunch of work on bindconf this week. Elliot put it in the tree tonight, and it should make its way out to rawhide eventually.

  • hacking (GTK+-HEAD): I gave some thought to dialog boxes. Bug #50537 has a simple solution, but I was thinking that it would be good to have a GTK_DIALOG_STYLE_ enum that would let you determine the style of the dialog (ie. buttons on the side, no hrule, message, tabbed). Not 100% sure where I’m going with this, but at least we should be able to get rid of the problematic hrule cleanly.

  • valentines day: I got a foil covered Britney Spears card from dcm to give to Zana. Who knew he was such a Britney fan???? I went with Zana shopping for a DVD player tonight. We were planning on buying one for ourselves as a present, but were overwhelmed by options. It seems like our previously cool TV is incapable of taking advantage of a lot of the features available. Went out to Four-Eleven afterward for dinner. Food was okay, but not great (given the price). Company was good though.

Thu 08 Feb 2001

  • hacking (apacheconf): At work a long time. Didn’t make the release today so hopefully we can do so tomorrow. I played Bryce at ping-pong this afternoon, and did a lot better in the second game — holding on to lose 18-21.

  • music: My headphones seemed slip into mono at some point today. I need to see if I can get them fixed.