Sat 24 Feb 2001

  • doggy: Found a tick on him. Oil didn’t work, so I had to use tweezers as well. Fortunately (for the dog), I got the tick out in one piece, and squished it.

  • food (lunch): Sarah’s Empanada’s with Zana. She had the fried Yuca root. It was something that’s good to have eaten once.

  • food (dinner): Went to Panzanella with Zana, Havoc, Amy, Owen, and Adrian from the Japanese office. Nice meal involving pork and Risotto.

  • hacking: Finally made some sense of the sizing code in GtkTreeView. Next week, I hope to get keyboard navigation working.

  • cards: Apparently kpat took the really old card design that Zana wrote for AisleRiot originally and added it as a card front option. They also took my polluted sky background. It was really surreal to see it again. I have my work cut out, if I want to match them in the card-library arms race.

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