Tue 01 May 2001

  • hacking (music): Spent a few minutes cleaning up Mr. Rupert’s Ripping and Encoding tools so they do a better job of encoding data into the ogg’s created. I am considering adding FreeDB support to the encoding tool so I can get the DATE field added.

  • hacking (Nautilus): Spent the night trying to modify the music view in Nautilus to handle ogg files. Dealing with the nautilus view and gnome-vfs was a lot less painful then I expected. Everything I tried basically worked. libvorbis seems to have a somewhat crufty API, but seems alright other then that. I have it currently displaying the correct file information. Tonight I’ll get it to play.

  • hacking (gnome-vfs): I hope someone looks/comments on my patch.

  • movie: Saw the Producers last night, and the Mummy the night before. Neither one was particular good, but both were very enjoyable. I think I’d like to go see the Mummy 2 this weekend. It looks like it will be much better on the big screen.

    The reason we rented the Producers, was that I have a recollection of really enjoying it when I was a kid. I think I merged that film with “To Be or Not To Be”, though. Both movies have musicals with Hitler in them, and are made by Mel Brooks.