Wed 19 Sep 2001

  • airport: Surprisingly minimal security at the gate. Still, it’s better than what existed before. I’m a still little miffed though, as zana and I were told on the phone to be at the gate three hours prior to departure. It took 10 minutes to get everything set. Zana has an hour more to wait than me.

  • airport (redux): This is definitely the most organized I’ve ever seen the airport.

  • airport (electricity): Just changed gtkmarshal.list. I managed to find a plug just prior to compilation. This is very good, as I was afraid I’d be low on battery before boarding the plane.

  • hacking (GTK+-HEAD): With some help from anders (happy birthday!), I got editable cells working pretty well.

  • music: My dad got me a copy of György Ligeti for my birthday. It’s very, very good airport music. Björk is good airport music too. Something about those ‘ö’s…

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