Fri 06 Apr 2001

  • guadec: Really busy day. Helped give a GTK+-2.0 this morning by confusing everyone on how the new tree widget works. Hopefully every one will figure out how to use it as well as how cool it is. Saw a talk on . Missed Rob Gringle’s talk while eating lunch, and trying to get the networking working. Still haven’t read my mail. Saw a sobering talk on usability by a Sun engineer. Watched Michael Meeks talk on bonobo with Owen later. Had a pretty fun talk with Jody, who showed me what is happening in gnumeric. Finally, working group with everyone on GNOME and Havoc describing the Foundations discussions.

  • GNOME: There’s a lot of cool stuff going on!

  • food: Danish food is pretty interesting, but not great. We had a nice Danish lunch yesterday with pickled cabbage pickled herring, some sort of white potatoes, and gravy. Lunch was interesting. I put what I thought was cheese on my sandwich, only to find it was shredded horseraddish. There was some mayonnaise-like substance that wasn’t mayonnaise (I never figured out what it was.)

  • location (copenhagen): Sort of dreary and depressing. It’s also fairly compact. Very bike accessible. I like that.

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