Sat 03 Mar 2001

  • hacking (AR2): Cards now move. I think redraws of slots are too slow. I might try to play with the XRender extention sometime this weekend to see if I can get it working, and if it speeds things up.

  • food (lunch): Went to Neo China again for the first time in a long time. Hasn’t changed one bit in the last couple of months.

  • food (dinner): Middle East Cafe for dinner with Havoc, Amy, Owen, and Zana. Had a big plate of Hummus, Meat, and Tabouli. Shoulda got desert or coffee afterwards, but ended up with a can of Dr. Browns Diet Cream Soda. Zana pointed out that it said 100% Nutrasweet on the side, which was just a little bit disturbing.

  • dog: Time to give him a shower again soon. He’s not going to like this.

  • Hosedness: My friend Julie is finally unhosed again, after successively defending. Cool.

Sat 24 Feb 2001

  • doggy: Found a tick on him. Oil didn’t work, so I had to use tweezers as well. Fortunately (for the dog), I got the tick out in one piece, and squished it.

  • food (lunch): Sarah’s Empanada’s with Zana. She had the fried Yuca root. It was something that’s good to have eaten once.

  • food (dinner): Went to Panzanella with Zana, Havoc, Amy, Owen, and Adrian from the Japanese office. Nice meal involving pork and Risotto.

  • hacking: Finally made some sense of the sizing code in GtkTreeView. Next week, I hope to get keyboard navigation working.

  • cards: Apparently kpat took the really old card design that Zana wrote for AisleRiot originally and added it as a card front option. They also took my polluted sky background. It was really surreal to see it again. I have my work cut out, if I want to match them in the card-library arms race.

Sat 10 Feb 2001

  • work (conftools): Finally did the release of apacheconf to testers-list. Got moved to bindconf. Blah. I was hoping to clean up AisleRiot with Zana this weekend, but it looks like I’ll have to punt that yet again. )-:

  • food: Went to the very cool Indian restaurant with Zana and Owen where Owen and I nerded most of the time. Owen and I both got manly dishes spice at 8 in a scale from 1 to 10. They burnt all the hairs off of my tongue! Anyway, Owen helped me with my homework, so I can hopefully get a bunch of bindconf working this weekend.

  • clothes: It was too warm today to wear the sweater. In theory it will be 30 degrees (F) on Monday, so maybe I can wear it then.

  • suckiness (others): This seems to be making the rounds, but it’s pretty funny nonetheless. Someone’s having a worse week then me:

Mon 19 Dec 2000

  • work: Spent half the day reading mail. The other half getting caught up in Alchemist work, and the last half trying to finish a UI. Busy day.

  • food: Had dinner with Owen and Zana. First went to Carolina Coffee House. Shut. Then went to a sportsbar. Also shut. Finally, had to settle for Pepper’s Pizza. Not too bad, but not too great. Better then my frozen empanada at lunch though. Apparently downtown Chapel Hill closes for christmas.