Mon 23 Aug 2004

  • life: It was a nice day today, so I did what I always seem to do on such nice days; I huddled in the basement fiddling with firewall rules.

  • car: I took my Saturn in to the dealership to get its 100,000 mile service. It was the first time in a while that I’ve stayed in the dealership for the duration of the service, instead of getting a ride. They now have wireless network support, which is a nice bonus. However, the bowl of jelly donuts and bananas is now gone. I’m not sure which I’d prefer.

  • crossword: We finished the Saturday prize puzzle! We’re definitely improving.

Sun 01 Apr 2001

  • paintball: Paintball this morning with the Red Hat Dev team. It was somewhat frustrating — my gun kept jamming and my goggles kept fogging up. Left a little early with Zana.

  • shopping: After paintball, we went to Walmart and Barnes and Noble. Walmart is still one of my least favorite shops of all time, but they did have tall (72″) bookshelves on sale for $29.99. We bought a pair, and I attached them end to end, as we have run out of wall space. Zana and I then moved books around using my cool Monk shaped bookends. At Barnes and Noble, I bought a travel book on Copenhagen, as well as “The Travel Worst Case Scenario Survival Guide”. Bought Zana a copy of “The Genesis of Justice” by Alan Dershowitz, as it looked interesting. I may borrow it someday. Loaded up on a unleaded mocha latte on the way out.

  • car: Windshield wiper is dying. My attempts to fix it broke off a protective cap. Whoops… )-:

  • grout: Removed more grout. Dremmel, good. Knife, bad.

  • hacking (GTK+-HEAD): Committed some work to GtkTreeStore to make it sort. Chased it down with some fixes to make it compile. Bad Nathan!

  • meta: Chris Gabriel pointed out that I have a diary in a similar format to his. It was completely accidental! Hopefully he doesn’t have any patents on his look and feel. Anyway, mine has more legible HTML, so that’s something in my favor… (-:

  • movie: Zana’s watching sneakers. I’ve seen this movie five times or so. Still, its pretty fun (despite the incredible disappearing guards at the end…)

Sat 10 Mar 2001

  • hacking (AisleRiot): I finally bugged itp enough to make him make a gnome-games release. Next, I need to bug him to capitalize AisleRiot correctly…

  • hacking (AisleRiot2): you can now move cards onto slots, and reveal hidden cards. Next — animations.

  • hacking (GtkTreeView): Spent the day fixing a bunch of little bugs, and talking to TimJ about how to handle values better. Other then that, I’m basically down to two big API changes left in the tree — the sort model rewrite, and the focus changes. I should be done with both by GUADEC.

  • food (dinner): Went to the Carolina Coffee house and had a very flat beer. The waiter never refilled Zana’s sweet tea either. Normally the food is better then that. Disappointing.

  • car: My car seems to be falling apart. I need to get it cleaned and serviced sometime soon.