Mon 04 Apr 2005

  • evince: I spent a couple evenings last week trying to finish up the threading changes to evince. I got it complete enough that I added two new features this weekend. The first was completion in the entry (see the screenshot at #172453). The second was to add continuous scrolling. Unfortunately, the first requires a bugfix in GTK+ HEAD to be truly useful, and the second is too immature to land. However, the continuous scrolling seemed to perform really well, which makes me feel much better about all the dramatic changes we made to the core.

    After the release this week, I’m going to try to get these in a usable mode and commit them.

  • cars: Zana, Soeren, Seth and I went to the MFA last weekend to see the “Speed, Style and Beauty, the cars of Ralph Lauren” last weekend. It was pretty sweet. I’m not a giant car afficianado, but it was hard not to be appreciative of these cars. I have a new favorite car too — the 1954 Mercedes gullwing SL (with matching luggage.) It was a gorgeous, gorgeous car, and more affordable than the rest. I found one on EBay for only $400K USD, as opposed to the several million the other cars went for. Something to save my pennies for…

    We went to the North End for dinner afterward, and had Cannoli’s for dessert.

  • games: After we got back to Nashua, I tried out Seth’s copy of “Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat”. It was surprisingly fun, though I hit the Bongo’s too hard and my hands hurt after 20 minutes. It was quite gimmicky (I doubt other genres will benefit from a pair of bongos), but this one hit the spot. Crazy, crazy game.

  • basketball: After being demolished in the brackets by Rosanna’s magic nickel, I’m finally looking respectable after Arizona choked. If she’d pulled off both Arizona and Louisville, I’d never be able to live it down.

  • housekeeping (spring): Zana and I went to Raffi’s Daylight’s Savings party last night. We saw a bunch of old friends who we hadn’t seen in a while, and made plans for the upcoming months. Winter is finally over up here, and we’re crawling out of our bunker. It’s looking to be a pretty eventful spring.

Sun 02 Feb 2003

  • Entertainment: Not a very productive day, but a very fun one. I went out to see Chicago with the Foxes today. We strangely ended up carpooling in one car to downtown Chapel Hill for dinner and coffee. Then, we headed away from town to pick up the car, which Zana and I took right back into town.

    Chicago was fun. Catherine Zeta-Jones was much better than expected, as she is much more talented singer and dancer than I had known. The rest of the cast were better actors than singers. Still, the music and script carried them along well. The one disappointment to me was Queen Latifah as Mama Morton. If there was one role that called for a big, brassy delivery, that was it. However, she didn’t sing nearly as aggressively as I would have hoped for.

    Nonetheless, I can’t help but compare this to musicals of the past. The film was slicker, the quality of the editing and sound was much better. The acting was as good or better than any of the musicals I’ve been watching recently (especially the super-smarmy Richard Gere). But gosh darn it, the singing and dancing just wasn’t as good. Fred Astaire, where have you gone!?!??

  • basketball: Sometimes, it’s nice to just sit back, relax, and watch the Lakers win.