Sat 24 Jul 2004

  • mime: Dave Camp, Ray Strode and I spent last week struggling with the MIME system. We made some headway (or at least managed to get a release out). Next week, we tackle monitoring. And fixing bugs. And ABI problems.

  • shadows: After chatting with Matthias last week, I decided to try to put together a visual index for the GTK+ docs. The current index is quite overwhelming, and not that useful. This would simply be an image of widgets linking to their location in the docs. I wrote a quick little program based on the hig-shooter/screenshooter to take these screenshots on Friday and put up some shots at

    I haven’t written the index yet, and indeed, I should do a few more widgets before putting it up. We might want to also include a screenshot in the header of each widget page.

    Anders also contributed a drop shadow routine giving a nice appearance to the images. I took the shadow code, and added it to gnome-panel-screenshot (bug #148367). I need to update the hig-shooter next.

  • sports: What a Wild Red Sox game on TV today.

  • drinks: Zana made a gallon of sweet tea earlier this week. It was great to drink while working on the MIME code. She rocks!!

Mon 23 Jun 2003

  • strangeness: As I have no access to my changelog, I’ve hijacked Nathan’s. He won’t mind… will he?

  • drinks: Nathan has gotten quite fond of Diet 7-Up here in Ireland. A bit odd, that. Of course, I still haven’t had any Lucozade yet. I really should.

  • music: The BeeGee’s!!! Woohoo! Interesting show. I still laugh thinking about it. Especially them addressing the town (Youghal)

  • toilets: Just two times, no need for three. I’ve come to just accept it.

  • castles: Lots of castles! Many piles of fallen down structures! An amateur archaeologist’s dream! And the weather has been great to aid in the whole not-falling-down-and-cracking-your-head-open bit.

  • RTotD: If Sir Walter Raleigh owned this town, I can see why he didn’t want to go back to North Carolina. But is there any connection between the name of this town and the fact that North Carolinians inadvertantly say its name on an hourly basis?