Mon 23 Jun 2003

  • strangeness: As I have no access to my changelog, I’ve hijacked Nathan’s. He won’t mind… will he?

  • drinks: Nathan has gotten quite fond of Diet 7-Up here in Ireland. A bit odd, that. Of course, I still haven’t had any Lucozade yet. I really should.

  • music: The BeeGee’s!!! Woohoo! Interesting show. I still laugh thinking about it. Especially them addressing the town (Youghal)

  • toilets: Just two times, no need for three. I’ve come to just accept it.

  • castles: Lots of castles! Many piles of fallen down structures! An amateur archaeologist’s dream! And the weather has been great to aid in the whole not-falling-down-and-cracking-your-head-open bit.

  • RTotD: If Sir Walter Raleigh owned this town, I can see why he didn’t want to go back to North Carolina. But is there any connection between the name of this town and the fact that North Carolinians inadvertantly say its name on an hourly basis?

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