Sat 24 Jul 2004

  • mime: Dave Camp, Ray Strode and I spent last week struggling with the MIME system. We made some headway (or at least managed to get a release out). Next week, we tackle monitoring. And fixing bugs. And ABI problems.

  • shadows: After chatting with Matthias last week, I decided to try to put together a visual index for the GTK+ docs. The current index is quite overwhelming, and not that useful. This would simply be an image of widgets linking to their location in the docs. I wrote a quick little program based on the hig-shooter/screenshooter to take these screenshots on Friday and put up some shots at

    I haven’t written the index yet, and indeed, I should do a few more widgets before putting it up. We might want to also include a screenshot in the header of each widget page.

    Anders also contributed a drop shadow routine giving a nice appearance to the images. I took the shadow code, and added it to gnome-panel-screenshot (bug #148367). I need to update the hig-shooter next.

  • sports: What a Wild Red Sox game on TV today.

  • drinks: Zana made a gallon of sweet tea earlier this week. It was great to drink while working on the MIME code. She rocks!!