Sat 30 Jun 2001

  • meta: Apparently getting a Wavelan card has totally shot my ChangeLog habit. I find that it never occurs to me to update it when I’m not at my old computer. With a little effort I can hopefully start it up again. I wonder if cross posting this on Advogato would make me try to keep it up more, or just make me look lame.

  • life: A lot seems to have happened in the last month. GTK+ 2.0 API freeze is coming up RSN, and I spent all day working on it. I’ll probably spend most of the day tomorrow too working. My parents came to town for the day, on their way to the coast for a week. Zana and I will join them next weekend — it’ll be good to get a small break.

  • yakk: Yakk mentioned that everyone says what they do, and not what they feel on their weblogs. I know I have a separate, non-public ChangeLog for that. I suspect that many others do as well.

  • music: I’m really enjoying Amnesiac. Only have to wait a few more years before Radio Head’s next album comes out… (-:

  • gegl: A few weeks ago, my stuffed GEGL arrived. It is very cool. Bex is a goddess.

  • Free Software: I have a s3kr3t pl4n! No one can know about it, but it’s going to be very cool!