Sun 07 Jul 2002

  • sick: I’m a bit better, and will try to go to work tomorrow.

  • music: Zana and I got a fantastic new set of speakers a couple weeks ago. Sibelius Symphony no. 3 (performed by the London Symphony Orchestra) was on the radio tonight. It was wonderful to sit back and code to it.

  • bookworm: I spent the long weekend working on a new project. As I wasn’t feeling well enough to do much else, I thought I’d try to learn something about databases.

    Zana and I have been using a spreadsheet to organize our books for the past couple years. As good as gnumeric has become, it’s very clearly the wrong tool for the job here. We can’t sort the books in any meaningful fashion, let alone make any interesting queries.

    The result was that we spent the last couple days setting up a postgresql database and entering some books. I’ve been writing a frontend to it that we’re calling ‘bookworm’. It’s taken a bit longer than I wanted to write (partially because I’m sick), but it’s starting to look almost useful. I’m getting done with the ‘person’ dialog. I’m not sure who else would be interested in this code (other than possibly Federico), so I’m not sure if I should check it into GNOME CVS. Still, it took my mind off my headache.

  • music (redux): Sibelius finished. Now I’m listening to Shostakovich’s fifth. This is a great piece to listen to while recovering. It fits my current mood a lot better, too.

Wed 03 Jul 2002

  • sick: I’m officially quite sick. This is no fun at all.

  • pedant: The singular form of the drink is “gin and tonic.” The plural is “gins and tonic.” Google finds “gin and tonics” winning over the correct plural form 4870 to 76. It even helpfully offers up “guns and tonic” as an alternative. I’m too sick to enjoy either the singular or plural form of the drink, though.

  • GNOME2: Rocks. Time for 2.0.1. It’s a pity I’m sick.

  • Vacation: Went to the outer banks with my family. I had a lot of fun, and enjoyed seeing my family again. However, I need another vacation to recover from it. Fortunately, I have a four day weekend this weekend. It’s a pity I’m sick.

Wed 08 Aug 2001

  • toys: mkj and I got a cool powerball a few days ago. I don’t fully understand how it works. I don’t want to break it, but I do want to know how it lights up. Decisions…

  • work: Meridian Engineers meeting last night, where our new VP tried to work through some scheduling/resource issues. I don’t think that many of us feel like a lot of progress was made, though I feel like the managers were doing the best they could given their constraints. That’s all we can hope for.

  • nanotechnology: I finally understand why people on slashdot are so excited about nanotechnology. I finished the Diamond Age last night, and while I thought it had a weak ending, I thought it was an enjoyable piece of science fiction. Note the ‘fiction’ part guys…

  • sick: Two lovers were hanged by their respective families and friends in India this past Monday for having an intercaste relationship. I can’t believe it’s August 2001.

  • doomometer: We added a doomometer to our wall. It provides hours of entertainment. Well, minutes anyways…