Wed 03 Jul 2002

  • sick: I’m officially quite sick. This is no fun at all.

  • pedant: The singular form of the drink is “gin and tonic.” The plural is “gins and tonic.” Google finds “gin and tonics” winning over the correct plural form 4870 to 76. It even helpfully offers up “guns and tonic” as an alternative. I’m too sick to enjoy either the singular or plural form of the drink, though.

  • GNOME2: Rocks. Time for 2.0.1. It’s a pity I’m sick.

  • Vacation: Went to the outer banks with my family. I had a lot of fun, and enjoyed seeing my family again. However, I need another vacation to recover from it. Fortunately, I have a four day weekend this weekend. It’s a pity I’m sick.