Tue 19 Jul 2005

July 19, 2005

  • coding: Johann shamed me into starting a GtkTreeView editor for gazpacho. I spent a couple of hours tonight on it, and got a mockup going. I have a good idea of what I want it to look like, and will try hooking it up to Gazpacho tomorrow. This will make it easier to make a GtkTreeView, and more importantly, make it more obvious how to use the widget.

    It was also the first time that I’d used gazpacho for any real work. This program has matured a lot and I’m pretty excited for it. It had some quirks and bugs (which I’ll file tomorrow) but was basically usable. It acts a lot nicer than glade too, and more importantly, has a much nicer code base to hack on.

    Unfortunately, we’re still blocking on #69639, and thus this dialog will just be a novelty in the short term. gazpacho’s loader can handle GObjects, so python programs can use it, but other applications will have to wait until libglade lands in GTK+-2.10.

  • cooking: Zana and I made blueberry-rhubarb pie. We put in too much sugar, and it’s way too sweet. I’ll have to try again when we finish it.

Wed 13 Jul 2005

July 13, 2005

  • bugs: There are forty bugs against the screenshooter! It just takes screenshots, for heaven’s sake — how can it be that buggy?? It looks like I’m definitely going to spend some time going through these bugs soon. The highlight of these is a patch from Dan Winship to draw the cursors in the screenshots. Awesome!

  • cooking: After the disasterous All Star game, we made a fruit tart. The crust came out really nicely and the fruit was beautiful. Unfortunately, we accidentally bought tiramisu marscapone instead of plain marscapone which gave the tart a slight coffee flavor. It wasn’t bad, per se, but it tasted a little weird.

  • bookworm: Zana has been bugging me for a long time about adding better syntax checking to bookworm. Instead of doing this, I spent a couple nights teaching her Python. She picked it up really quickly, and she spent most of tonight adding a bunch of sanity checks to the code. It should fail a lot less now.

    Tomorrow, we’re going to tackle the overview dialog and get that going. We’ll see if our relationship survives me teaching her about GtkTreeView…

Sat 08 Dec 2001

December 8, 2001

  • GTK+ (gtkrbtree.c): Below, I should have had: (node->right == tree->nil || !GTK_RBNODE_FLAG_SET…) This cute little bug, plus one other, kept me busy drawing pictures of Red-Black trees for almost three days.

  • guests (blizzard): Chris is in town for a week or so, again. We’re spending the afternoon hacking in the dining room, listening to Ziggy Stardust. Need to get the Bauhaus version some day…

  • Cooking: Zana’s been experimenting with the Dutch Oven for dinner for the last few weeks. It’s been a lot of fun seeing her transform very tough cuts of meat into tasty, juicy dinners. The only drawback is that there doesn’t seem to be a concept of a light dutch oven dinner.

Fri 09 Mar 2001

March 9, 2001

  • cooking: Made Quesadillas for dinner with homemade guacamole. It was yummy, despite the fact that Food Lion sold me cheese past its expiration date.

  • hacking: Spent too much time playing Fortress and not enough time working on it these last coupla days. I need to put some serious effort in it this weekend.

  • Nothing: Dang is it loud. Definately need noise mufflers or something…

  • hacking (GtkTreeView): Had a very productive day avoiding working on the keyboard navigation code. Fixed a lot of small bugs that have need doing for a while. I’ll get back to navigation tomorrow.

  • Table Tennis: Owen is getting better at this game faster then I am. Time to put in some extra training time.

Mon 18 Dec 2000

December 18, 2000

  • cooking: Made latkes for dinner, with carrots, zucchini, and potatoes. Ate with applesauce. Very yummy.

  • meta: Trying a new diary format.