Wed 13 Jul 2005

  • bugs: There are forty bugs against the screenshooter! It just takes screenshots, for heaven’s sake — how can it be that buggy?? It looks like I’m definitely going to spend some time going through these bugs soon. The highlight of these is a patch from Dan Winship to draw the cursors in the screenshots. Awesome!

  • cooking: After the disasterous All Star game, we made a fruit tart. The crust came out really nicely and the fruit was beautiful. Unfortunately, we accidentally bought tiramisu marscapone instead of plain marscapone which gave the tart a slight coffee flavor. It wasn’t bad, per se, but it tasted a little weird.

  • bookworm: Zana has been bugging me for a long time about adding better syntax checking to bookworm. Instead of doing this, I spent a couple nights teaching her Python. She picked it up really quickly, and she spent most of tonight adding a bunch of sanity checks to the code. It should fail a lot less now.

    Tomorrow, we’re going to tackle the overview dialog and get that going. We’ll see if our relationship survives me teaching her about GtkTreeView…

Tue 22 Jun 2004

  • bad dog: Dogs should not be barking at 5:30 in the morning. Jester has been duly chastised. Gotta try to get back to sleep.

  • bugs: I found a cute bug in the control-center yesterday. The only way that gnome-window-properties has worked at all in the past (if it worked) is through relying on malloc reusing the same block that was freed. That is to say, after calling:

    g_free (struct->value); struct->value = g_strdup (str);

    it relied on struct->value pointing to the same block of memory, now with different contents. It’s been this way for over two years.

  • Running: I went to Cambridge this past weekend to help some friends compete in the Boston Urban Challenge. They took fourth, which was a very good finish and good enough to qualify them for the next round in Miami.

  • Travel: I misplaced my Green Card earlier this week. I was worried about making GUADEC but Zana went above the call of duty and sorted through the papers on my desk to find it.