Porting GNOME to D-BUS

Now that KDE has officially switched to D-BUS, GNOME should be following the same path (despite poor good old Bonobo, in the spirit of cross-desktop interaction). Iain has a patch for GNOME Terminal, Sergey is working on another patch for GNOME Control Center, and… any other apps planning to do so? Should we have this as a goal for 2.16/2.18?

5 Responses to “Porting GNOME to D-BUS”

  1. oGALAXYo says:

    I think GNOME 3 would be the correct time to switch this. Means that you can keep a working desktop during that time.

    Do the same was KDE did, work porting to GNOME 3 and switch everything correctly and keep the stable GNOME 2 series during that time so people can continue using something that more or less works.

  2. Rodrigo Moya says:

    I don’t think we need to wait for GNOME 3, most uses of Bonobo/CORBA in GNOME are internal things, not really being used by 3rd party apps, so it’s not a huge amount of work, as you can see from the patches.

    The only big Bonobo user is Evolution and the panel. For Evolution, there is a patch to make it work with DBUS, and all CORBA use is internal to the app and the wrapper libraries. For the panel, it is also internal.

  3. Julien Puydt says:

    Notice that ekiga already has some DBUS support (disabled by default, though) since 2.0…

    And I plan to make it even better.

  4. oGALAXYo says:

    I see, most of the stuff already has D-BUS patches (though somehow spread everywhere) but in this case it makes sense collecting them and applying them ASAP so the substitution process can start.