5 thoughts on “Porting GNOME to D-BUS”

  1. I think GNOME 3 would be the correct time to switch this. Means that you can keep a working desktop during that time.

    Do the same was KDE did, work porting to GNOME 3 and switch everything correctly and keep the stable GNOME 2 series during that time so people can continue using something that more or less works.

  2. I don’t think we need to wait for GNOME 3, most uses of Bonobo/CORBA in GNOME are internal things, not really being used by 3rd party apps, so it’s not a huge amount of work, as you can see from the patches.

    The only big Bonobo user is Evolution and the panel. For Evolution, there is a patch to make it work with DBUS, and all CORBA use is internal to the app and the wrapper libraries. For the panel, it is also internal.

  3. I see, most of the stuff already has D-BUS patches (though somehow spread everywhere) but in this case it makes sense collecting them and applying them ASAP so the substitution process can start.

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