Atomato mailing list

I have been doing a bad job on getting people interested in Atomato, mainly because of my lack of time for working on it. But now this is going to end, with the creation, yesterday, of the Atomato mailing list. If interested in the project, please subscribe, and if you sent me some mail in the last months about it, it would be great if you could resend it to the list once subscribed (if not, I’ll forward those mails to the list myself in a few days, once all interested people are subscribed).

Update: the web interface seems to not work at all, not even the admin interface, so the only way to subscribe to the list is to send a mail with the subject ‘subscribe’ to this address.

3 Responses to “Atomato mailing list”

  1. John Stowers says:

    Umm, I cannot subscribe to the list. It says my email address is not valid…. Can you check the configuration?

  2. Christian says:

    Yes, same problem to me too.

  3. average joe user says:


    A nice way to get people’s interest would be to do a basic website, with goals, shots (if there’s anything yet…), etc.

    I imagine you haven’t done so because the proyect is still in it’s infancy.

    Anyway, I’m waiting to see how this proyect evolves.