From lost to the river

That famous book (“From lost to the river”, a literal translation of the Spanish saying “de perdidos al río”), introduced a new mechanism for learning to speak English, by just translating literally from Spanish. Lots of people seem to have taken the lesson and start using it (only to speak, the method doesn’t provide you with the means for making English speakers understand :-), as I listened on the radio the other day, from a restaurant, in Galicia I think it was, where they have an international menu with the following items:

  • Pretty to the iron, bonito a la plancha
  • Wines from the river Ja (Rioja), and from the valley of the rocks (Valdepeñas)
  • Courageous potatoes, patatas bravas
  • Octopus to the party, pulpo “a feira”
  • Little Joseph of beef, pepito de ternera
  • Huge air spray with grelos, lacón con grelos
  • Thin Uncle Joseph, fino tío Pepe
  • They will pass from Navarra, patxarán de Navarra

Sorry to non-Spanish speakers, who won’t get the joke, but for Spanish speakers, I laughed so much with this that I thought I’d better share it.

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  1. This one tops my list:

    Here comes uncle Frank with the sales: aquí viene el tío paco con las rebajas

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