OpenMoko FreeRunner LEDs, etc.

Before I took my FreeRunner prototype along to Ole’s OpenMoko talk in London yesterday, I hacked up a little demo application in python/pygtk to display various new features in the FreeRunner (Wifi, accellerometers, LEDs). If you where there yesterday, you probably saw this live in action:


On my previous post OpenMoko post, someone asked about the LEDs on the FreeRunner. Obviously, you can’t see any proof of the LEDs in screenshots, so I took some very quick photographs:


Blue LED

Orange LED

8 Responses to “OpenMoko FreeRunner LEDs, etc.”

  1. Sebastian says:

    thanks. looks fantastic

    can i control the leds by software?

  2. thos says:

    Yes, of course! That’s how I controlled them in my python application.

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  5. Marcus says:

    Apart from your python demo app, are there any other of the OM apps already using the LEDs?

  6. thos says:

    Marcus, not yet, as far as I know.

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