Well, Philip has already blogged about it. But it’s now public! And it has a name!

What the heck are you talking about?

About Otto, a small application built on the MeegoTouch (formerly called Dui) framework. MeegoTouch will be the Ui framework powering Harmattan, the next Maemo version.

Ok, and what is it supposed to do?

Otto uses Tracker (which will be deeply integrated into Harmattan) to look for untagged music tracks (but you can also search for a specific track to tag). And for a track, it can search for tags online automatically, by computing an audio fingerprint and matching it against the MusicDNS service. Tags, if available, are retrieved from MusicBrainz, a community driven metadata database. All that, in one click (or touch, if you’re using a touchscreen). Because tagging tracks is boring, it should be as automatic as it can be.

Interesting, where do I get it?

I put the code on Gitorious. To compile it, you need a recent enough version of MeegoTouch, and libofa. The former you’ll probably to compile from source, the latter is packaged in most distributions out there.

This thing totally doesn’t work! Help!

Well, it works well enough for me, but of course I don’t expect the code to be bug free. I’ll gladly answer any question in the comments. Also, merge requests are enabled on Gitorious, so send your patches!

2 Responses to “Otto – a small MeegoTouch application to tag missing tracks”

  1. Wow. Very impressive!

    I want this on my N900 now :D

    It would be interesting to use tracker’s wb to put custom tags like “dance”, “electronic”, “alternative”, and so on. Unfortunately most tag libraries don’t support that, but I’m planning to add that to libmtag.

    • @Felipe: I have been doing builds of meegotouch for fremantle, but not so successful… I’m hit by http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTBUG-9671 , and if I run the program with -software then the theme files are not found (that’s all in scratchbox). Also, I’m using Tracker 0.9, while Fremantle is using 0.6 which is actually a totally different software (Tracker 0.9, or 1.0 will be shipped with Harmattan). I have some working Tracker 0.9 packages for Fremantle, but not sure how they would interact/clash with Tracker 0.6. Backporting to Fremantle would therefore be a very hard job. The very purpose of that demo is to show the latest Tracker features, so it’s hard to backport.

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