Hello there!

Here comes my first weekly report. For those who don’t know/remember, I am working this summer on making a Tracker based ORM.

This week, I began to work on the proxy generator. Basically, the generator generates basic proxy classes for the RDF classes you feed it, and those proxies handle all the plumbing with Tracker (you just manipulate the objects as normal objects, and changes are reflected in the DB). All the class methods are virtual, so they can be overriden to implement custom behaviours.

So far, I’ve got a working RDF ontology parser, and began working on the mapper itself. The mapper will load map files, that tell it what RDF classes to map, and how to map them. Format of mapping files will be JSON based, and I still have to define it formally.

So next week will be dedicated to defining the mapping format, and building a parser for that format. Once that is done, I will implement code generation. I’m still not totally sure about how code generation will work. I know I want the ORM to support more than one language, but I’m not yet fixed on how I’ll implement it.

I don’t progress very quickly so far, because other works are keeping me pretty busy. However, I’m not late (yet), and I hope to deliver a very basic version quickly, so stay tuned 🙂

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