Today I finally added support in Hormiga (your favourite Tracker ORM ((It is the only one. So it’s necessarily your favourite.))) for loading proxies providing a value for one of their properties. In short, this means that you can now do

var my_proxies = MyProxyClass.load_from_my_property ("my_value");

Following the previous example, you could now use the following code to load all the photos with tag “foobar”:

var tag_foobar = Tag.load_from_label ("foobar");
var photos = Photo.load_from_tag (tag_foobar);

The documentation was updated too.

Next step will be to allow direct SPARQL queries to load proxies, as I don’t intend to hide every SPARQL feature under the API (yes, I do think developers can learn SPARQL, come one, it’s easy).

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