New toys

Today I got a call from UPS saying they were gonna deliver a package to me later today. I immediately realized that this must be the G5 I won in the Linux on POWER contest.

A couple of hours later the UPS guy arrived. I signed my name on the electronic signing thingie (unreadable as always, does that thing have a 10×10 resolution or what?) and I got this box:

I’ve now installed Fedora Core 4 on it, which seems to work perfectly. I’m also playing around with OS X which was preinstalled. Unfortunately it was only 10.3, so I can’t play with the new Tiger features.

Now, all I got to do is figure out where the heck to put it. I already got a bunch of other machines at this desk:

I’m having problems explaining to my girlfriend (soon to be wife!) why I really need this extra computer in addition to all the old ones. She thinks I should just throw away one of the old machines. I think I need to polish my arguments a bit…