Last gnome-vfs symbol gone!

The nautilus gio-branch today reached a major milestone. There is now zero references to gnome-vfs symbols in the nautilus binary. This was accomplished by disabling parts of the file operations code in nautilus, so the resulting nautilus can’t actually do some operations. However, all the file browsing and launching code is working.

At this point we’re getting close to a state where we can get people to start testing the new codebase, and thinking about how to integrate it into Gnome 2.22 and glib. To get this going, and to get more people involved with gio I’ve started a wiki page listing some of the things that remain to do in the various levels of the gio stack.

Consider this a call for action. If you’re interested in this, please take a look at the gio APIs, try it out, and if you’re even more adventurous, pick something from the TODO list and start working on it.

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  1. Change of subject; I search for help, but find it nowhere, so I’ll try my question here;

    My desktop-look changes from time to time. On it I have some radio links shown as notes. One time these are in orange colour, next time they are blue.?? Plus a few others changes, as the log-out icon is a circle in white on a red background and next time is shown as a running man in blue. I would like to keep all this blue thing. How can I?

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