Broadway Multi-process support

I just landed support for multiple processes in broadway. The way it works is that we run a process (broadwayd) similar to the X server, which all broadway apps talk to. Additionally it has a webserver built in that the browser connects to.

This allows (for instance) broadway processes to start other broadway processes. Basically the webpage turns into something like an X session.

This is best shown with a demo:



11 thoughts on “Broadway Multi-process support”

  1. Does this simplify Android running a Gnome program?
    A dev packages broadwayd & Gnome libs, then opens a web browser for UI/input/sound.

  2. I wonder: how much work would it take to allow a GTK application to simultaneously render to both the Broadway backend and a local backend such as X?

    Instant app/screen sharing, no client required.

  3. Is this actually transferring the pixels? Why not just re-route the X commands and re-parent the X clients into the firefox?

    1. Yuhao:
      Thats often slower, as apps often draw pure pixel data that is hard to detect if we’ve sent already, and there is a lot of overdraw.
      Additionally, its a lot harder to be smart about what you send. If you have the last frame and the next frame its easy to do a diff, but not if
      you just have the command stream.

  4. Keyboard is not working for me. I am using google chrome from win7 and winXP. I also tried with fedora 17 firefox, i686.

    It is recompiled at raspberry pi. With nums lock off, numbers are written. On they don’t. With chars it pops up menus (seems like ctrl is locked or similar?).

    From rpi chromium-browser same issue.

    Any ideas?

  5. Do you have any kind of support model so if someone wanted to donate to the developer doing this broadway backend, they could? Just wondering.

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