Anjuta Status Update

Yesterday, together with GNOME 2.27.1, Anjuta and gdl 2.27.1 have been released. They are available from

Gdl features some useful additions that allow to control the appearance of the grip and to add multiple widgets to the grip. You can find an example in a screenshot of the Lumiera Project (have a look at the “Timeline” widget). In addition, theming problems with the buttons have been fixed along with some other small problems. Thanks a lot to Joel Holdsworth for all the work he put into Gdl.

The new anjuta release features mostly bug-fixes:

  • #530740 – Use GtkBuilder instead of libglade
  • #581074 – Creating a new wxWidgets project should not include libglade
  • #580994 – using DEBUG_PRINT instead of g_print
  • #580013 – patch plugin doesn’t handle patch-files with whitespace
  • #568779 – project wizard should infer project name from base path
  • #577721 – tooltips appears in wrong position
  • #579118 – Segmentation fault when adding file to project
  • #578087 – Artwork for Symbol Database is actually not from Monodevelop
  • #567588 – highlight default button in Find dialog
  • #576959 – Search does not point to correct line number on first match when file is not opened in editor.
  • #577006 – crash creating new file
  • #574607 – Replace function selects text uncorrectly
  • #576057 – doesn’t build with graphviz 2.22.2
  • #575617 – Update FSF address

In addition there has been some work on the git plugin because it became obvious that it is not perfect after we all switched to git. Work here will continue and we hope to have an even better git support in 2.28.

Behind the scenes

Lots of development is going on behind the scenes:

  • Sébastien is working on a new bison/flex based parser for automake projects to make their integration faster and to implement more project features
  • Massimo’ made the interface to the symbol database asynchronous which will allow us to avoid any freezes during auto-completion. This hasn’t to be implemented in the language-support plugin yet.
  • In addition Massimo’ created some patches against ctags to support function return types. We hope those will be integrated soon.
  • Maxim Ermilov is working on Javascript support for GSoc 2009
  • Ishan Chattopadhyaya is working on Python support for GSco 2009