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Developer Experience Hackfest Report

I have been at the Developer Experience Hackfest representing Anjuta with Carl-Anton. Here is a summary of the plans for the coming months.

The goal of this hackfest was to define how to create a platform using GNOME libraries to develop, distribute and use applications as easily as possible. This can be called GNOME OS but it is not an OS. It is more an SDK bundled with a way to install and run applications without changing your system.

An IDE is needed to develop those applications and will be part of this effort. Anjuta is a quite obvious choice because it is using GNOME libraries.

Anyway the goal of this IDE is quite different from Anjuta. While Anjuta tries to be useful to develop any kind of Unix applications, this IDE will be designed for a new type of applications having a more limited scope.

I’m not ready to stop Anjuta and work on this new IDE. But as Anjuta is very flexible, I think it’s possible to use Anjuta to implement it. It will be an interesting experience and should benefit to Anjuta as most of the code could be the same.

To be more practical, I think one main change is to write at least a new project backend plugin replacing the autotools backend. I think it’s needed to present a simple interface. By example having a simple combo list to select the targeted platform (GNOME 3.6, GNOME 3.8…) instead of a big list of available libraries, hiding C compiler flags and so on. We will start trying to use the BuildJ format because it is quite simple but it will probably need some improvements to support these GNOME applications.

Another important point is to load a custom session on startup. The idea is to be able to start Anjuta as it is now or as a more limited GNOME IDE. We will need to add more flexibility in several plugins too, by example to keep only the GNOME applications templates in the project wizard.


Anjuta 3.6.0 released

Anjuta 3.6.0 (September 26, 2012) — James Liggett

This is a new stable version of Anjuta and all users should update to this
version as all 3.4.x versions become unsupported at this point.

Summary of the major changes between 3.4.x and 3.6:

* project-manager:
– Support for calling make check (Sébastien Granjoux)
– Support for subdirectories in project groups (Sébastien Granjoux)
– Crash fixes (Sébastien Granjoux)

* git
– Git Tasks dock is only shown the Git dock is active (Sébastien Granjoux/James Liggett)
– The Status view is the first view shown in the Git dock (James Liggett)
– Status view works with git 1.7.10 and newer (James Liggett)

* symbol-db
– Various crash and infinite loop fixes (Massimo Corà)

* sourceview
– Use common indentation settings (Sébastien Granjoux)

Bug fixes:
bgo 680401: Git plugin (Status) doesn’t work with git version
sourceview: Correctly implement popup-menu (bgo#672692)
project-wizard: Explicitely use 3.0 as interface version for ui files (bgo#675877)
symbol-db: Ingore files with unknown language (see bgo#678695)
libanjuta: Fix memory corruption in AnjutaPkgConfig (bgo#679827)
build: Only check for passwords when installing as root (bgo#680136)
document-manager: bgo#680554 – entry of find in files doesn’t get focused
document-manager: bgo#680559 – Find in Files does not scroll to top of results
document-manager: bgo#680555 – Escape key does not dismiss Find in Files panel
Fix bgo #680657 – Warnings when starting anjuta
Fix #679767 – crash trying to stop the debugger

Anjuta 2.31.1 “Too hot to code” released

Anjuta 2.31.5 “Too hot to code” (12 June 2010) — Johannes Schmid

– Debugger supports pretty-printing now

– More work on the symbol database code quality and performance

Bugs fixed:
project-wizard: bgo #623754 – focus on wrong text-field
run: bgo #623944 – buttons swapped on “Program parameters”
gdb: bgo#494292 – Set next statement
gdb: bgo #617323 – Save debugger stack trace
configure: Fix the forced debugging mode even if –disable-debug is given (bgo#612453)
Fix for bgo #622706 and allow to sort shortcuts by accelerator
symbol-db: Fixed bgo #617472: doubled items in locals view
bgo #622526 – HAVE_INTROSPECTION does not appear in AM_CONDITIONAL
terminal: bgo#619253 – Problem of ianjuta_terminal_execute_command in 2.28
anjuta: F6 switches focus instead of setting over (bgo#621678)
symbol-db: Fixed crasher bgo #622139
project-wizard: bgo #621512 – Remove deprecated glib symbols
language-support-vala: bgo#620927 – Vala plugin compilation
libanjuta: bgo#620664 – Drag and drop of multiple source files

Thanks to Abderrahim Kitouni, Akom C, Andika Triwidada, Fran Diéguez,
G. Baylard, Gennaro Bellizio, Jorge González, Massimo Corà, Matej Urbančič,
Naba Kumar, Romain Perier Sébastien Granjoux

Anjuta 2.30.2 released

There is a new stable release of anjuta out that fixes some annoying bugs:

Bugs fixed:
language-support-cpp-java: bgo#618955 – Smart brace completion is no longer smart
language-support-cpp-java: bgo#618314 – Anjuta crash on while editing
message-view: Remove tab position preferences and give colors better defaults
file-wizard: #616810 Error when creating new c source and header
language-support-js: bgo#617734 – Load/Unload the plugin properly when a .js file is open
document-manager: fixed bgo #616739 – doesn’t open .ui files, neither in xml mode
anjuta-tags: bgo #616780. Handle more cases.
anjuta-tags: bgo #616780 – Wrong return type recognition
anjuta: Add APR_UTILS to subversion CFLAGS and LIBS (bgo#617149)

Happy coding,
your anjuta team!

Anjuta 2.30.1 released

Anjuta 2.30.1 “BASIC’s not the answer” (26 April 2010) — Johannes Schmid

Bugs fixed:
symbol-db: Fixed bgo #611834 – Symbol icons are wrong for members
document-manager: bgo #600083 – close documents by middle-mouse click
symbol-db: bgo #614936 – compile error with cfiles under js_parser
symbol-db: bgo #614932 – void function cannot return value
symbol-db: bgo #614933 – build fail with sun cc because zero-sized struct
language-support-cpp-java: libstdc++ is not available on Solaris #614928
gtodo: Deselecting “Hide completed items” does nothing (#614751)
language-support-cpp-java: bgo#615596 – . -> completions doesn’t work with prefixed &, %, etc
libanjuta: #615718 – anjuta-command crash call on set_error_message.
js: bgo#615341 – Use correct LDFLAGS for the JS plugins
dir-project: bgo #616503 consider Vala files as sources
patch: Fixed bug 616740 – duplicated shortcuts nodes