Anjuta 2.31.1 “Too hot to code” released

Anjuta 2.31.5 “Too hot to code” (12 June 2010) — Johannes Schmid

– Debugger supports pretty-printing now

– More work on the symbol database code quality and performance

Bugs fixed:
project-wizard: bgo #623754 – focus on wrong text-field
run: bgo #623944 – buttons swapped on “Program parameters”
gdb: bgo#494292 – Set next statement
gdb: bgo #617323 – Save debugger stack trace
configure: Fix the forced debugging mode even if –disable-debug is given (bgo#612453)
Fix for bgo #622706 and allow to sort shortcuts by accelerator
symbol-db: Fixed bgo #617472: doubled items in locals view
bgo #622526 – HAVE_INTROSPECTION does not appear in AM_CONDITIONAL
terminal: bgo#619253 – Problem of ianjuta_terminal_execute_command in 2.28
anjuta: F6 switches focus instead of setting over (bgo#621678)
symbol-db: Fixed crasher bgo #622139
project-wizard: bgo #621512 – Remove deprecated glib symbols
language-support-vala: bgo#620927 – Vala plugin compilation
libanjuta: bgo#620664 – Drag and drop of multiple source files

Thanks to Abderrahim Kitouni, Akom C, Andika Triwidada, Fran Diéguez,
G. Baylard, Gennaro Bellizio, Jorge González, Massimo Corà, Matej Urbančič,
Naba Kumar, Romain Perier Sébastien Granjoux