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And so here I am. I guess I should go ahead and introduce myself. My name is Andrew Walton, but pretty much anywhere online I’ll go by A.Walton and I’m much more likely to respond to “Walton” or “awalton” than “Andrew”. I’m a 21 year old, currently-on-leave computer engineering and computer science student stuck in rural Kentucky (no pity, please ;)). I mainly hack on Nautilus, GVFS and GIO as a time-sink away from school (Twain’s “Don’t let school get in the way of your education” bit fits well here) and a way of getting into the community and learning more about software and its users.

Like the people I tend to hang around with on IRC, I’m not a prolific blogger. And I don’t have a cool excuse for blogging like being accepted into Summer of Code, but that’s not going to stop me from working hard and trying to learn what I can. I am pretty strongly opinionated when it comes to things I care about and a bit of a software minimalist; if you get into an argument with me, please understand that it’s just because I like to argue, as a part of my learning process; don’t take it personally. Please feel free to criticize and correct me.

I look forward to sharing more of what I’m working on in the future and learning more about the platform, meeting and learning more about the familiar, unique, interesting and intelligent people I’ve already been involved with, and all of those who I have yet to be involved with.


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Just a GNOME hacker living in Kentucky.

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