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I did get a few details wrong, and people have came to me and told me, and I am very glad that I did get them wrong.

First, the legal problems were copyright disclaimers, so they’re no big deal here, typical stuff, which is a HUGE load off my mind. Thank goodness for that.

Secondly, the code is still in very bad shape and was mainly for demonstration purposes with the development team and the UI team, which is also okay; the demo actually made it look more complete than it turns out to be, which is also a good thing because it will mean lots of chances for people in the GNOME community to get involved. I am so enthused to here this!

Thanks for everyone for clearing up details for me; always feel free to reply to me and make sure that what I’m saying is correct. (I’m factually wrong all the time, just don’t sue me ;).

Edit: Also, I was told that this code may go under GPLv3, which very much excites me so this code will be truly free. This really does make me feel a whole lot better about the whole situation. Thanks again everyone.

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5 thoughts on “Some notifications updates”

  1. I beat on Canonical pretty hard about upstreaming things, but I’m not going to give them grief for a demo experiment, its fine to experiment. But if Canonical is going to make a serious commitment to include these changes in the next Ubuntu release, Canonical needs to engage with upstream as soon as possible and as publicly as possible. If there are a set of upstream commit logs encapsulating Canonical’s work on this before Jaunty’s release date, instead of a set of patches in Launchpad.. I will be in the front row congratulating Canonical for engaging with upstream on this issue.


  2. And I agree completely, which is why I made the post. The more people who see that these changes are coming down the pipeline, the better we can react and the sooner we can get work done to make this transition smooth.

  3. One more correction: It’s not true that “the code is still in very bad shape and was mainly for demonstration purposes”. The demonstration animations are not based on any code. We commissioned the animations to show what we are aiming for, and get feedback, *before* writing lots of code.

  4. Everytime i see a post about this jaunty notification stuff, i get the feeling that i can finally see some screenshots, or at least a good scoop of what’s to come. Sadly, i’m always disappointed…

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