Here’s a quick tour of some of the rocking sweet plugins available on blogo! To see the whole list, log in to your blog and navigate to the Plugin section. You can turn on any of the plugins by clicking Activate at the right of the list.

  • Footnotes: The footnotes plugin was included to satisfy the alarming number of GNOME contributors who have a footnote fetish. Perhaps it’s some kind of bizarre tribute to our logo… whatever it is, blogo is ready!
  • Content License: Blog for freedom with the official Creative Commons WpLicense plugin! You can choose from a range of Free and non-Free content licenses, and display a footer badge to show off your choice.
  • Subscribe to Comments: Make it easy for your readers to join the conversation with the Subscribe to Comments plugin. All they need to do is check a box when commenting, and they’ll receive email updates when new comments arrive — just like you do! There’s even a management interface for both you and your readers to manage subscriptions.
  • OpenID Delegation: If you have an OpenID provider, but you’d like to use your blog URL as your OpenID identifier (which is particularly useful when commenting on other blogs), just switch on the OpenID Delegation plugin and point it in the right direction. Now your blog really is you!
  • Flickr Widget: Many GNOME contributors combine technical prowess with a keen eye for beauty — which is why Flickr has such a huge GNOME following! Show off your mad photography skillz with the Flickr Widget plugin.

    Flickr Widget Plugin

  • Twitter Widget: The ultimate interruption-oriented technology… and we all thought email was bad! Keep the world seriously up-to-date on your thoughts and movements with the Twitter widget plugin.

    Twitter Widget Plugin

  • Easy Gravatars: Your gravatar is a “globally unique avatar” based on an MD5 hash of your email address. They provide an easy way for any website to display your favourite avatar icon, without the need to configure it for every individual site. To show gravatar icons in your comments, switch on the Easy Gravatars plugin.

    Easy Gravatars Plugin

  • Hidden Treasures: Finally, there are a bunch of cool plugins on blogo that you can enjoy without even switching them on:

    • Tango Smilies makes your emoticons rock! 🙂
    • Bug Links makes it easy to refer to bugs in GNOME related trackers without breaking a sweat. Just mention the bug number as you normally would: GNOME bug #number will appear as GNOME bug #496024 while Fedora bug #number will appear as Fedora bug #170856 — nice!
    • Bad Behavior protects your blog against many kinds of comment spam.
    • Custom CSS lets you define your own CSS styles for any theme (Presentation » Custom CSS).

Of course, if you’re using blogo and would like another cool plugin installed, let us know by filing a feature request!