Quote on DRM

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Yann Zitouni, présentateur Couleur3: “Le problème avec des protections anti-piratage, c’est que ça emmerde surtout ceux qui achètent la musique”

Planet GIMP

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I happened across the GIMP user frappr map today – I was thinking of creating one, in fact, when I found out that there were two – http://www.frappr.com/thegimp exists as well!

It would be great to merge these, and have a really good map of GIMP users and developers around the world. So, get to it! And if you’re on neither, well, add yourself to http://www.frappr.com/gimp straight away. Tell them Dave sent you, you get a 20% discount.

Address hunt 2

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Excuses pour l’interlude commercial.

Pour ceux qui cherchent un appartement à Lyon, j’ai une affaire à vous proposer… nous vendons le notre, un T3 de 80m^2, avec salon, cuisine équipé séparé, deux grands chambres, hall d’entrée, à proximité de Place Rouget de l’Isle dans le 3ème arrondissement. Il y a également une place dans un parking fermé, et une cave de 6.5 m^2.

Les rendez-vous sont par téléphone ( ou par e-mail à moi-même (comme toutes les spammeurs de la planète peuvent attester, ce n’est pas difficile à trouver).

Address hunt

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O lazyweb, O lazyweb… can anyone tell me where I could find the postal addresses of Vicente Fox, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Néstor Kirchner, Evo Morales and Hugo Chávez? These guys are heads of state, so it couldn’t be too hard to figure out where they live, but I have not found a postal address for any of them after a good while dossing off work^W^W^Wsearching on the internet.

Trademark exploitation agreement

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I sent a mail to foundation-list yesterday with a template for a trademark agreement intended for use in merchandising agreements.

It would be great to get some comments on it from legally-minded people, even if they’re from IANAL, before we propose this to companies like Killermundi.

Initial schedule ready

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GUADEC schedule - post-it style

So, the first draft of the GUADEC schedule is ready – just waiting for publishing, and it should be online over the next couple of days.

I’m a low-tech kind of guy, and the process for doing the schedule was sufficiently interesting I thought I’d blog about it.

First, I taped together some A4 sheets, and drew out the schedule shape we’d agreed on – 3 parallel sessions, X hours for lunch, Y keynotes per day, etc.

Then I wrote the names of the accepted talks on sticky notes, color-coding them according to their track & stream.

And the sticky notes attacked the paper. A first quick draft was easily shuffled until I had something I was more or less happy with. And a few photos and a rough stitch later, here’s the end result.