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I just listened to LUG Radio 5×15, including my interview about LGM this year. And I have to make a correction. I have tried, but I cannot find any way to drag & drop or copy & paste a curve from Inkscape into the GIMP. I can go via the intermediary of an SVG, since importing gradients and curves from an SVG drop or load is supported in the GIMP, but I can’t figure out how to drag & drop elements from the Inkscape canvas into any other application – when I hit the edge of the window, it just starts scrolling. And cut/copy & paste isn’t any more successful.

Any Inkscape people out there able to set me right?

One interesting drag & drop thing I love showing to people is dragging a chart created in Gnumeric into Inkscape – the drop is a proper SVG, and you can ungroup & manipulate individual elements from the chart in your favourite vector graphics application. Which is nice.

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  1. Stu Says:

    Wow, cool tip… just tried in windows and it didn’t work 🙁 [should submit bug(s), but am at work]

  2. tomh Says:

    well, I think that using svn might help a bit 😉 not sure on drag and drop, but copy and paste has just improved quite recently, so you were correct, but not by that many days… see here
    lets just say that 0.47 is architectural changes release, and this is one of the improvements wanted…

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